Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump

By Published On: July 31st, 2011

Written by: Angela July 31 2011 Though I’ve tried double […]

Written by: Angela

Though I’ve tried double electric breast pumps before, nothing has worked better or faster for me than the single manual hand pump. Fortunately, the Lasinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump changed that for me.

When I first took the Affinity out of the box, I was skeptical. I’ve used more expensive pumps in the past—at $130, the Affinity is surprisingly affordable—and was worried that such a tiny looking device wouldn’t really be powerful enough to pump two breasts simultaneously. Happily, it works both gently and efficiently.

As a freelancer with an irregular schedule that often requires travel, I needed something portable and flexible. I’ve mentioned already that the pump is relatively small in size, but it’s also equipped to handle all sorts of situations. I was pleasantly surprised by the battery-powered option (you’ll need six AA batteries), as well as the AC adapter. It’s nice that I can use the pump even when I can’t plug it directly into a wall outlet, which is often the case when I’m on the road.

Another useful feature is the let-down phase, which lasts two minutes and helps you get your milk started. It’s super easy to use. With the punch of a button you are able to skip past the phase or even come back to it if going straight to the expression phase doesn’t work for you after all. The pump offers adjustable cycle and suction for a customized pumping experience that allows you to express the maximum amount of milk with the minimal amount of discomfort. (There are six speed setting and eight suction settings.)

The pump is BPA-free and designed for everyday, long-term use. Lansinoh guarantees the Affinity’s design prevents milk back up in the tubing and pump. I’ve found this to be true thus far! Included in the box along with the Affinity itself are two bottles with lids, two extra white valves, an AC adapter and the instruction booklet. Unfortunately it doesn’t include a bag, which is expected considering the low retail price, but you can order one through their website if you wish.

As a whole, the pump performs well and is priced right—I’m a fan!

Price: $130
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