Labor of love: Orgasmic childbirth

By Published On: May 12th, 2011

When most people think about childbirth, words that come to […]

surpriseWhen most people think about childbirth, words that come to mind may include miraculous, intense and even painful. A word that rarely makes the list, however, is orgasmic. But some women claim that the labor experience can be just that. Before you attempt to make the birthing process as gratifying as the end result, there are some steps to take to prepare your mind and body for what could end up being the most enjoyable moment of your life.
Forget what you’ve been told
It’s no surprise that the concept of orgasmic childbirth is foreign to most women, especially when you consider how our culture conditions us to view it as anything but pleasurable. In order to become open to the idea that giving birth can be a feel-good experience, you must first let go of any preconceived notions telling you otherwise. Forget about the stereotypical Hollywood birthing scene in which the laboring woman’s screams echo down the hallway as she nearly breaks her partner’s hand with each contraction. Like most things in life, childbirth is not how it appears in the movies.
Let go of fear
In his book Childbirth Without Fear, natural childbirth pioneer Grantly Dick-Read refers to the idea that the anticipation of pain is usually the very cause of discomfort during labor as the “fear-tension-pain syndrome of childbirth.” Dick-Read believes that by eliminating the fear of pain, women can in turn eliminate labor pains entirely.
Once you’ve stopped being afraid of labor, you’ll be better able to entertain the notion that it can be a positive experience. The combination of fear and tension is no way to approach labor, and it’s definitely not the way to achieve orgasm.
Relax, just do it
After convincing yourself that labor doesn’t have to equate excruciating pain, the key to enjoying childbirth is to simply relax. For some women, this means booking a hospital room equipped with a birthing tub. For others, it may mean skipping the hospital altogether and opting for a home birth. When you prepare your birth plan with comfort in mind, you might just find that giving birth doesn’t have to hurt, but instead can feel amazing!
Need a little more convincing?
Add Orgasmic Birth to your Netflix queue. This 2008 documentary follows 11 couples as they explore a more natural (and satisfying) approach to childbirth.