Koochu Eldorado

By Published On: October 29th, 2012

When the opportunity to review a diaper bag came up, […]

When the opportunity to review a diaper bag came up, I knew exactly what I wanted: a bag that my husband could carry with pride. See, he’s a hands-on dad. He takes our little guys to the park, run errands with them … they spend a lot of time together. And he always gives me a look when I hand him my pretty printed tote and say, “Have fun!” Because while he loves hanging with the kids, he does not love carrying my diaper bag.
All that has changed, though, thanks to the Koochoo Eldorado bag. This vintage-y, unisex messenger is just what the doctor ordered for a guy who is willing to change diapers—but would rather not pull them out of a girly tote. In fact, once its diaper duty time is up, my husband intends to put this bag to work as a laptop tote. It has plenty of room and would do the job perfectly (sans all the changing supplies, of course!).
KoochuWhat I appreciate most about this bag (besides its unisex exterior) is the interior organization—plenty of perfectly-sized pockets—and the removable, machine-washable lining. Yep, you read that right. You just zip the lining out and stick it in the machine—best thing ever! The lining is a nice stripe print, and it’s light enough that it makes seeing into the bag to find what you need an easy chore. Keeping the exterior clean is easy too: Simply wipe it down with a damp rag. Another really cool feature of this bag are the two insulated outer zip pockets. They’ll keep baby’s bottle (and big bro’s sippy cup) cold for up to four hours.
The included changing mat is machine washable also, and is nice and soft for baby’s bum. A protective dust bag is included as well, which will be great for keeping the bag in good shape between uses. An additional plus is the comfortable, easy to adjust strap. There is a removable padded strip for your shoulder, and the strap is nice and wide so it doesn’t dig in your skin.
I love this bag, and it isn’t so manly that a gal wouldn’t want to carry it—since it arrived, it’s been my go-to bag, and I’ve gotten several compliments on it. I’m a fan!
Price: $168
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