Kids on planes

By Published On: April 26th, 2016

Each of our kids has had their first plane ride […]

IMG_4789Each of our kids has had their first plane ride before they were 6 months old. 

With Baby No. 1, we traveled cross-country when she was 5 months old. We left the house looking like we were never returning. We brought just about everything we owned. And a few additional items that we’d borrowed from people because I was convinced we needed them all. We had pillows and blankets and changes of clothes for the entire family and the stroller and backpacks stuffed to the gills with lord knows what. It was ridiculous.  

With Baby No. 2, I traveled cross-country with him when he was just under 3 months old. Because I was flying solo with him, I had to pare down what I brought. I don’t really remember what I brought except I know I went with the Baby Bjorn instead of a stroller. And I also remember he slept the entire day, so by the time we arrived at our destination, my boobs were literally about to explode. That’s not at all related to traveling with a baby, but it’s true so there you have it.

With Baby No. 3, we again made a cross-country trek when she was 4 months old. All 5 of us were on that trip. We had just moved, and I had just returned to work after maternity leave—so I basically don’t remember anything from that time in my life. But I do know we traveled. I’m sure there was a double stroller involved (because the older two kids were 4 and 2 at the time). Maybe there was an Ergo for the baby, but I can’t be sure. I have much more vivid memories of our trip with Baby No. 1 partially, I think, because I was in panic-IMG_4775mode over just about everything, and by the time we were ready to hop on a plane with Baby No. 3, I knew it wasn’t a huge deal. In fact, as I discussed previously, the baby is the easy part. If they’re not yet mobile, traveling with an infant can be downright easy. I’m not saying it always is but, in my experience, it’s easier than traveling with a baby who is mobile and doesn’t understand why it can’t motor around an airplane at will.

Baby No. 4 will have her first airplane ride tomorrow. She’s just 2 months old. It’s not ideal since she JUST had her first set of vaccinations, but there’s no avoiding it. So, we’re off.  It’s just a short trip—only one flight, unlike when we travel cross-country. My husband will be with me. And zero of the other children will be with us. I’m pretty sure the only things I’ll bring in the carry-on are diapers (more than I think I’ll need since something about air travel makes my babies’ butts explode), wipes, and one change of clothes for the baby. 

Next month all six of us we will all board a plane (or several planes, as the case may be) and, once again, travel cross-country. I’m sure that will be an ordeal. It will require more forethought and planning than tossing a few diapers in a bag. But for tomorrow’s trip, I’m stress free. And it’s nice!