Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

By Published On: July 23rd, 2012

It’s fair to say that with two children, two cars […]

It’s fair to say that with two children, two cars and an unhealthy obsession with being safe, car seats have become one of my most obsessed about items on the journey through parenthood. I’ve lifted them, kicked them, and, yes, even sat in them to see which I think will be easiest for me to maneuver and most secure yet comfortable seat. Unfortunately, the presence of one attribute often means the absence of another. Some of the car seats I’ve used have been great for the children but getting them in and out of the car in order to put the back seats down, for example, has necessitated some farcical grunting and groaning with legs straddled akimbo in the back seat—and, no, I’m not being smutty!—just trying to get a car seat in/out of the car. Thankfully, hope is here for those of us with older children. Kiddy has devised a safe, cool looking (important now for my daughter), and easy to get in and out of the car booster seat: the Cruiserfix Pro. Hooray!
Kiddy-Cruiserfix-ProMany booster seats I have come into contact with previously either don’t have a back/head rest or just sit on the back seat, held in place by the child and seat belt—neither arrangement meeting approval with my high safety standards. Kiddy has managed to create a lightweight booster, with a back rest that also—you got it—attaches easily to the LATCH system in the car. Instead of having loose connectors that you then have to tighten in order to secure the seat as many car seats do, the Kiddy booster has rigid connectors that slide perfectly onto the metal latches in the back seat with indicators to show it’s attached correctly. It just clips in! It’s so easy to use the guides that Kiddy provides. This system also makes removing it a cinch, so when your party of four from the office wants to head to lunch, you can offer to drive without the fear of having to straddle the back seat first—you know what I mean!
The Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro is suitable for children from 33 to 100 pounds (typically 4 to 12 years of age) and, with its cute purple color (though it’s also available in several other lovely shades), light weight, high safety standard and easy to attach features, it comes highly recommended from me and my daughter. I’m now in the market for a second for my son!
Price: $219
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