KidCo Pinnacle Gateway Baby Gate

By Published On: January 10th, 2011

Written by: Joanna January 09 2011 Baby gates—not something I […]

Written by: Joanna

Baby gates—not something I have used frequently living in a ranch style house, but with a dog and two little ones running around, I decided to try one out to keep the house calm for a while.

Firstly, the Pinnacle looks great as far as gates to—it’s a styled white, metal finish with a curve at the top—but it’s still a gate. I was a little concerned that it felt a bit flimsy at first, but once pressure-mounted it felt quite sturdy. However, as the user guide suggests, I would not use this with children over 2 or larger dogs—I think they could easily try and get over it.

I love the foot pedal on this gate. It’s an ingenious little peddle at the bottom corner of the gate that allows you to open the gate hands-free. So when carrying your little one and an armful of gear, you can easily open the gate—a big plus for a busy mom. It also has patented magnets at the top of the gate that help the gate swing shut behind you. Once closed it also incorporates a locking indicator, which shows green when the gate is open and ready for use and red when it is locked and secure.

Overall if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing gate that is easy to install and use, this is the gate for you. If you’re trying to contain an angry toddler with a strong will—maybe not.
Price: $100
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