KidCo PeaPod Lite

By Published On: October 1st, 2011

The tent-like PeaPod Lite travel bed from KidCo is easy […]

The tent-like PeaPod Lite travel bed from KidCo is easy to use, stores compactly and is lightweight enough to take almost anywhere.
kidco peapodThe bed is well-designed with UV protection and wind screens to protect baby from the elements, but also provides quick and easy zipper access for when naptime ends. At just under 1 and 1/2 pounds, the PeaPod Lite is perfect for taking baby on the go.
I typically get a little nervous with bendy-frame contraptions that fold down into neat little packages because I can never seem to get them back to the original shape. The PeaPod Lite is just the opposite. It folds up with ease, rendering the detailed instructions on how to store the PeaPod unnecessary. Once in its handy tote bag, the bed is easily transported in a suitcase, diaper bag or with its own over-the-shoulder strap. The travel pod sets up with equal ease and looks like a miniature tent for baby to hang out in.
Our newborn son seemed to enjoy the shade provided by the PeaPod, as well as the breeze blowing through it. The Pod is big enough to allow him plenty of room to grow. The material is lightweight and easy to clean with a wipe, but sturdy enough to handle indoor or outdoor use. However, the Lite version of the PeaPod does not come with a mattress as the other more luxe versions in the line do. This is reflected in the price, of course, and at about $50, the PeaPod Lite is a great value.
I think the perfect use for the PeaPod Lite is as an indoor play/sleep area that keeps nosey pets and siblings at bay. I love the easy-to-use design and the fact that storage and transportation are a breeze. It’s a great indoor travel bed. However, for the outdoors I would probably recommend the regular PeaPod or PeaPod Plus with the self-inflating air mattress to provide baby with more comfort and support. The exterior design is well-suited for outside use, as the PeaPod delivers UV protection while allowing ventilation, and a little more cushion would provide a comfortable napping spot for baby while mom and dad play with older siblings or work in the garden. Parents will have to consider their desired use when making the purchase to decide if they want to shell out the extra cash for an included mattress. Either way, I would strongly recommend KidCo’s PeaPod line.
Price: $50
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