KidCo Metro Gateway G170

By Published On: August 8th, 2012

Written by: Tracy August 07 2012 Having a little bambino […]

Written by: Tracy

Having a little bambino changes your whole entire life and it definitely shakes up your lifestyle. My little man has reached the 7-month mark (They grow up so fast don’t they?), which means we are very close to having a mobile tot on our hands.What’s a new mama to do? Well, babyproof, of course!

The first thing I knew we needed when prepping our house for our moving and grooving monkey, was to choose a baby gate. Luckily, we have a ranch-style home, so there was no need to buy a gate designed for use on a staircase. We simply needed to separate our rooms with a gate, preferably one that keeps our sweet, but pretty curious pup away from our equally curious son.

But have you even seen the dreadful, unstylish room dividers on the market? The outlook was grim, until I came across a stunning, light-weight and easy-to-manuever find. Really, this gate is one of the sleekest goods in my home and I absolutely love it. And I bet you're just dying to know where I found this perfect product? Well, it’s the Metro Gateway G170, from KidCo, the makers of everything great from fireplaces to travel beds, as well as, a slew of well-made and stylish baby gates. In fact, they were the first company to introduce metal safety gates more than 20 years ago.

The Metro is a pressure-mounted gate meaning there’s no drilling required to make a safe hold. (You’ll want a hardware gate if you have stairs.) The gate came almost fully assembled, you just have to put a few of the pieces together and you are ready for installation. The best part? No tools are needed for assembly and the whole thing can be complete within 15 minutes. Let’s take a close look at the attributes that make this gate so appealing:

  • Non-toxic finish means you don’t have to worry about baby’s new need to taste-test everything he comes in contact with.
  • A two-way door means you can go in or out by simply pulling up on the gate’s door. There’s no need to unlatch or move any pieces to get through. You just pull up and walk through.
  • The gate is built out of aluminum over a steel U-shaped frame for maximum strength, without all of the bulky weight. It’s really so light, yet durable at the same time.
  • There are pressure indicators on the upper and lower bars that turn red if improperly installed, giving parents the ability to rest assured that their gate is functioning correctly.
  • It’s so chic. The stainless steel and black combo really stands out in the modern home. When my parents came to visit, the first thing my dad said was, “Hey, where’d you get that fancy baby gate?”
  • The details: The Metro Gateway fits in openings 29 inches to 37 inches wide. Extension kits are available to stretch that fit to 37 inches through 47 and a half inch wide openings.

It may sound pretty cheesy to tell you that I smile when I look at this gate, but it’s very, very true. I am thrilled with such a great looking product that provides such safety to my family. There’s no need to worry about my little guy escaping unseen into the living room to play with our pup. Thanks to The Metro Gateway G170, I can breathe easy knowing that each little adventurer is safely stationed on the appropriate side of the fence.

Price: $150
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