Kidco Go-Pod

By Published On: August 29th, 2011

For a family with limited square footage and an on-the-go […]

For a family with limited square footage and an on-the-go lifestyle, the Kidco Go-Pod is the answer to our prayers.
The lightweight activity center is a genius alternative to some of the bulkier entertainer options on the market. The 7-pound collapsible play station folds compactly to slide into a convenient carry bag. The design of the seat and its storage system are reminiscent of a folding sports chair, and we’ve found it to be just as practical.
Kidco Go PodThe Go-Pod is great for at-home use, as it can easily be transported from room to room so baby doesn’t miss out on any action. When it’s not in use, we store it in the coat closet. Truthfully, it’s nice to be able to “hide the evidence” of having a little one when we’re entertaining (or even when we’re relaxing after baby’s gone to bed).
We tend to bring the Go-Pod along to cookouts at friends’ houses and soccer and baseball games of older cousins too. It’s easy to toss in the trunk and handy for keeping baby both entertained and contained. The floor pad protects baby’s feet from the ground, and the fact that he’s happily “standing” means he’s not constantly trying to help himself to a fistful of grass. Score!
Another scenario in which we were happy to have the Go-Pod along: our recent trip involving air travel. We carried on the Go-Pod and set it up while waiting to board and between connections to give baby a chance to hang out somewhere other than our laps for a while. When it was time to make our way onto the plane, we simply packed it up and stowed it in the overhead bin for the duration of the flight. We used it several times throughout the course of our trip (at the hotel, on the pool deck, etc.), but were especially grateful to have it during our multi-hour flight delay on the way home. We’re pretty sure some of the other travellers with small children were jealous of us!
The Go-Pod is endlessly convenient for the sake of portability and storage, but it also earns our praise for the fact that baby really likes it too. The activity center has two cup/snack holders for easy access to refreshments, and it also has five toy loops for endless interchangeable amusement. The Go-Pod is rather simple in terms of stimulation and interaction compared to other flashing, singing, bouncing entertainers, but we tend to prefer it that way. We occasionally attach squeaky, rattling toys, but often stick to simpler links and teethers, which are often just as pleasing to our little guy.
With four different seat positions and usability from 4 months to walking, we’re confident we’ll get quite a bit of use out of the Go-Pod. And at a price point of $55, we’d certainly recommend it as a worthwhile investment.
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