Kelly Moore Ponder Bag

By Published On: July 23rd, 2015

Sometimes the perfect diaper bag ends up not being a […]

Sometimes the perfect diaper bag ends up not being a “real” diaper bag at all. Such is the case of the Kelly Moore Ponder bag, which is designed to be a camera bag but functions perfectly as a baby bag. It would also make a great laptop/work tote. This is a versatile bag that could easily last you from baby’s birth to her first day of school (and beyond!).
Since I am currently using it as a diaper tote, I’m going to share the features that I think make it perfect for moms. I will note up front, though, that it’s an incredible camera bag, with a removable padded “basket” that adjusts to hold different lenses and pockets aplenty to keep your cords, cards and other necessities handy.KellyMoorePonder2We’ll start with the outside and work our way in. I use the regular shoulder straps—they are a great length—but if they aren’t your thing, a removable messenger strap is included (and it can expand up to 50”). On the front of the bag, there are two pockets that close magnetically. They are great for small items, such as your phone or baby’s pacifiers. On the back, a zipper pocket serves as your wallet, with slots for your license and credit cards and a mesh pocket for cash and change. The bottom of the bag has metal feet so it sits upright (and slightly off the ground), and it is made of high quality, water resistant nylon, so it is durable and easy to clean.
Looking inside (after you’ve unzipped the sturdy zipper that closes the whole thing off), you’ll find a light grey interior that also wipes clean with ease. There is a zipper pocket on one side—perfect for anything you might not want immediately visible when the bag is opened—and a few handy slip pouches. On the side with the zipper pouch, you’ve got a nice laptop-sized pouch that has a top snap; this is where I keep my changing pad, diapers and wipes, so they’re easy to grab and I don’t have to dig for them. On top of that pouch are three small slots, which I use for diaper cream, sunblock and other small items that I want slightly separated from the rest of my stuff.
Down in the bottom of the bag, I store blankets, extra clothes, my nursing cover, toys and more. (When I’m feeling more systematic or carrying my camera, I include the removable basket so I can have more sections for better organization.) On the opposite side from my diaper gear, there are clear pouches—one large, one medium and two small—and I use these for bibs, spoons, snacks and other food related items (including snacks and gum for myself).
As you can probably tell, the Kelly Moore Ponder bag is ideal for neatly holding everything you need. And although it doesn’t come with any “extras” like you get in a traditional diaper bag, I didn’t miss them at all. I enjoyed getting to pick my own changing pad (and a machine-washable one at that!), and I wouldn’t have used a bottle holder anyway since we exclusively nurse. Although it’s a stretch on my budget at $229, it’s definitely reasonably priced for what you get. It is well made and should last forever, and its timeless design will ensure you don’t grow weary of it after a few months. Plus, once you’re done with diapers, just pop in the camera basket and you’ve got a high-quality, nice-looking bag for your camera gear. I really think it’s a great bag and well worth the investment. I recommend it highly!
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