Kelly Moore A Beautiful Mess Bag

By Published On: June 22nd, 2015

I’m the mom who is always chasing her kids around […]

I’m the mom who is always chasing her kids around the playground with her DSLR camera while everyone else is snapping pics with their smartphone. I can’t help it; I love “real” photography. Something about the feel of a camera in my hands is so satisfying, and I love looking through the images I captured at the end of the day (or the end of the month, as sometimes happens—moms are busy!). When I realized that the Kelly Moore + A Beautiful Mess bag combined the two things I love most—my camera and my kids—I knew it would be my tote soul mate. And it is.
This bag works perfectly as a diaper bag, camera bag, laptop bag or combination of the three. From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, it’s just absolutely gorgeous. It comes in three colors—caramel, black or kelly green—and has a timeless, vintage-inspired design. Made with sturdy leather and smart hardware (antiqued brass or silver, depending on your bag color), it’s a bag that you definitely can and will use for a long, long time.
The front flap on this bag has a magnetic closure, and there is also a zipper closure underneath. The magnetic straps are adjustable, so you can tighten or loosen them to create the perfect close no matter how much (or how little) you’re carrying. This bag comes with two carrying straps—one leather strap that matches the bag color and a black and white striped canvas strap. The black and white is my favorite; it adds a fun pop of color and makes the bag stand out in a crowd. Plus, it matches one of my very favorite features of the bag—the striped interior.
The inside of the bag is nice and roomy, and the removable camera pocket is perfect for both its intended purpose—carrying a camera and a couple of lenses—or for just keeping your baby gear organized. The sections are customizable with a quick and easy Velcro adjustment, so it’s possible to create sections sized exactly how I need them. I usually have my camera in one slot, and diapers, a change of clothes and other odds and ends (snacks, a sippy cup) in the others. I keep my phone, wallet and lip gloss in the front pocket underneath the flap. This bag is plenty big enough to hold everything I need while out and about for the day with my two kids. If I’m not taking my camera along, I sometimes just remove the camera pocket altogether and pack straight in the bag. Overall, I find the size to be perfect—large enough to hold what I need, organized enough to keep it within easy reach, but not so bulky that it weighs me down.
I’ve also used this bag as a laptop bag, and it holds my MacBook Pro perfectly. Since the bag has nice padding inside, I don’t worry so much about my computer getting knocked around. It would also make a great carryon bag for trips.
Included with the bag are a changing pad—a must when you’re on diaper duty—and a bottle holder that can also double as an extra lens holder. The water-resistant materials make it easy to wipe this bag down for a quick clean. If you’re a mom who regularly carries a camera, I think you’ll love the Kelly Moore + A Beautiful Mess bag. I adore its functionality, and I also enjoy that it makes me look pulled together even when I’m rocking a messy bun and the same jeans I’ve been wearing for three days straight. With this pretty satchel on my shoulder, I feel like I can rule the world—or at least the day.
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