Keep it simple

By Published On: October 1st, 2015

1. Wherever I go, I bring my life organizer with […]

1. Wherever I go, I bring my life organizer with me —it fits perfectly inside a tote or diaper bag.
—Chantel, Associate Editor
This is Ground Mod organizer, $200
2. Never again will a cord slip into the black hole behind my desk.
—Steph, Creative Director
CableDrop cord clips, $10 for six
3. When it’s time to hit the ground running, I stash my phone, keys and cash in a sleek waistband.
—Sarah, Editorial Intern
FlipBelt fitness waist pack, $29
4. Hang a cup in the tub for easy rinses, and raise a glass to better baths.
—Lacey, Editor in Chief
Puj kid cup, $10
5. Step up your shoe game by adding a chic and comfy insert. Kate Middleton swears by them!
—Tanya, Blogger
Alice Bow heel insoles, $22
6. You’d be amazed how much makeup gets left behind. Now you can use every last drop!
—Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
Every Drop beauty spatula, $5
7. Paper clip meets pushpin. It’s love at first sight!
—Lauren, Executive Editor
Pon pins, $15 for 50
8. Shrink it down or fill it up, this sporty backpack is one magic trick I never tire of.
—Ginny, Contributing Editor
Lolë backpack, $90
9. Ditch plastic wraps and bags, and keep food fresh with slip-on covers.
—Mayuko, Photographer
Food Huggers silicone food-savers, $10 for four