Keen Distribution Gro-egg Digital Room Thermometer

By Published On: June 1st, 2011

Written by: Terry May 31 2011 Room temperature is an […]

Written by: Terry

Room temperature is an important factor to consider in preventing the risk of SIDS, and the Gro-egg digital room thermometer has proved to be a helpful tool in monitoring it.

The thermometer is simple to use: Simply pull it out of the box and plug it in! It takes just a few minutes initially to adjust and accurately display the temperature, but is good to go from there on out. The thermometer glows yellow when the room temperature is within the recommended SIDS prevention guidelines (61 to 67 degrees) and changes to blue when the room becomes too cool and orange then red when the room becomes too warm.

Sure, one could look at the thermostat to check the temperature, but in our house, our thermostat is down the hall from the nursery and I’m not convinced that the entire house is really heated evenly throughout. I like knowing for certain that baby’s room is not too hot and not too cold (but just right, Goldilocks!).

The Gro-egg also provides a perfectly soft night-light-y glow—an added bonus. Plus, it just looks cool.

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