Keekaroo Height Right

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

With a nephew on the way, I decided that it […]

With a nephew on the way, I decided that it was time to stock my home with a highchair again, in hopes that I can sway his parents into letting him spend extended periods of time at my house. (I need my baby fix!)
KeekarooRightHeight3However, if I’m going to have something sitting in my dining room full-time, I want it to be more useful than for just the occasional baby visit—which led me to the option of a wooden highchair that my big kids can use, too. And since I’m familiar with most of what’s available in that category and wanted to try something new, I opted for the Height Right Chair from Keekaroo.
First things first: assembly. I’ll admit that I passed this off to my hubby, since the flatness of the box and necessity of tools intimidated me. (OK, so it was just one little wrench that was included with the chair, but still, it’s a tool!) He assured me, however, that the Keekaroo chair was simple to put together, and it didn’t take him long at all. Once assembled, the chair feels sturdy and looks great!
KeekarooRightHeight4Here’s what I love about this chair: it can be used from six months of age all the way up to adulthood (250 pounds max), both the seat and footplate are fully adjustable, it’s made by an eco-friendly company, and it’s affordable—only $145 on Keekaroo’s site and Now, once you start adding on the accessories—which I would recommend—the price increases, but I still think you’re getting a good product for your money. Here’s the accessories breakdown:

  • Infant Insert – If you’re starting your baby in this seat from meal one, you’ll probably want an Infant Insert. It adds a little extra support for small babies and puts a little cushion between your baby’s bottom and the wooden chair. (Price: $50)
  • Comfort Cushions – Once your little one no longer requires the Infant Insert, you can swap to a set of fun colored Comfort Cushions. These puppies are soft but strong (and most importantly, resistant to water and spills), and antimicrobial materials reduce the ick factor. (Price: $60)
  • Wooden Tray – I love chairs that bring my kids right up to the table with us so they can be a “real” part of family dinners, but if you prefer a tray for your chair, one can be ordered separately. (Price: $30)
  • Wooden Grab Rail – To offer a little extra balance or simply add a sense of security, a grab rail can be added to the Keekaroo seat. (Price: $30)

KeekarooRightHeight1It’s also easy to clean this chair—simply wash it down with warm water. Keekaroo’s 5 year warranty and easy return policy are good indicators that they stand behind their products, and rightfully so. The Height Right Chair is great! I’ll be checking out their Karoo stroller soon, and my 4-year old, who is very vocally anti-booster, loves their Cafe Booster Seat and sits in it every morning, noon and night. Great stuff!
Price: $145
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