Karibu Folding Bath

By Published On: December 24th, 2012

Our little one was quickly outgrowing her newborn tub and […]

Our little one was quickly outgrowing her newborn tub and we were looking for a larger option. The Karibu Folding Bath arrived right on time.
First impression: loved the color (we have orange), ease of use and size.Unlike the first tub we had for our baby, the Folding Bath came fully assembled—thank you, Karibu! Zero set up time is always a plus in my book.We love that this tub is roomy enough for our little one yet fully collapsible. One of its best features is the shower bar handle, which lets you hang it for out-of-the-way storage. No one has to trip over the baby’s bath anymore!
The accordion fold design is easy to use and safe. The legs lock and fold with the push of a button and the sides collapse just as simply. We can hang and store this tub on our shower rod without feeling like were taking a shower with it. It folds away that compactly.
Initially, I thought the flexible surfaces would be harder to clean than the smoother plastic, but the entire tub cleans easily and dries quickly.This is a great tub to take on a road trip.
One feature I really like is the slip resistant feet on the legs of the tub. I don’t know about anyone else’s house, but sometimes splishing and splashing get out of control and a sturdy, non-slip tub is a must. However, the material on the bottom of the bath (where baby sits) is a bit more slippery than some parents may be comfortable with. We waited to use this tub until our daughter was sitting upright. By then she needed a larger tub anyway, so the timing was perfect.
karibu folding bathAnother useful feature is the temperature indicator plug. Normally blue, the heat-sensitive bath plug will turn white if the water is too hot. This is an extra safety feature first-time parents (and even babysitters, grandparents, etc.) will appreciate. There are also two soap dishes incorporated into the frame. My daughter prefers to use them as tub toy holders.
I give this bath a thumbs up. It travels well, is sturdy and is roomy enough for a toddler.The Folding Bath is available in red, purple, blue, orange and green.
Price: $50
To buy: amazon.com