Kalencom Elite Pizazz

By Published On: October 17th, 2012

Near the end of my pregnancy, I realized that digging […]

Near the end of my pregnancy, I realized that digging through my small, one-pocket purse for five minutes just to find my car keys wasn’t going to cut it—I would need to master the art of doing nearly everything one handed, always be armed with emergency diapers and, when baby wasn’t traveling with me, a place to stash a breast pump.
Enter the Kalencom Elite Pizazz diaper bag—a tote big enough for carrying all kinds of baby gear but stylish enough to elicit all kinds of “cute purse” comments.
Elite-PizazzFrom the outside, there’s nothing diaper bag about it. The fabric is water repellent, but doesn’t have that plastic-like look or feel, but instead has a v-shaped texture to add just the right amount of detail along with the leather snap closure at the top. Paired with an adjustable shoulder strap thats particularly comfortable worn cross-body style and two side pockets with snap closures (which are great for always knowing where my phone and keys are), it is easy to see why people are surprised when I tell them its actually a diaper bag.
From the inside though, this bag is begging to be filled with baby gear, from the stroller straps at the top to the wipeable lining. The Elite Pizazz comes pre-stocked with a bottle thermos, a diaper changing pad, zippered pouch and even a little tag for baby’s emergency contact information. There are three small interior pockets, plus the main section roomy enough for both all the typical items I store in my purse as well as a small breast pump and the baby gear needed for quick trips. The bag is big enough to serve as a designated diaper bag too—but be warned, its feminine purse-like look would probably make mosts dads uncomfortable when they need to tote it around.
The bag will stand up on its own, and between that and the cross-shoulder style strap, its pretty easy to find things with one hand. Small feet at the bottom to keep the fabric off the floor, but the fabric wipes clean fairly easily after it encounters those mishaps that are destined to happen with a little one around.
Overall, I’m pretty happy with the bag, and the fact that it’s made from baby-friendly materials is a big plus. I wouldn’t mind a few more interior pockets for better organization, and I prefer the diaper changing pads that quickly velcro closed instead of the more time consuming ties. But the quality, style and functionality of this bag makes for a happy on-the-go momma.
Price: $100
To buy: kalencom.com