Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared

By Published On: November 11th, 2013

With my Be Prepared Diaper Bag from Ju-Ju-Be, I feel […]

With my Be Prepared Diaper Bag from Ju-Ju-Be, I feel like we are truly living that old Scouting motto to be prepared for anything. Not only is it stylish, but this bag also carries everything we need, keeps it organized, and still leaves room for those last-minute additions. My first impression was “Wow! This diaper bag is huge!” Then I immediately started thinking of how I could fill each pocket and keep our baby gear more organized. Measuring 18.5 inches wide, 14 inches tall, 6.5 inches deep, the Be Prepared diaper bag provides a lot of space.
Ju Ju Be 1The Be Prepared diaper bag is full of pockets so all of its space is useable and easy to keep organized. Ju-Ju-Be seems to have thought of all the details because they even use light colored linings so we can see what’s inside this big bag. Here are some details about all the pockets:

  • The front of the Be Prepared diaper bag has a very large “Mommy Pocket.” It has a pocket for holding mom’s cell phone, a clip for keys, and a sleeve for holding sunglasses that is made of a soft material so it even doubles as a lens cleaner. There are two plastic pockets to insert photos, a zippered mesh pocket, and two additional mesh pockets. There is plenty of room for larger items in the Mommy Pocket too.
  • The main compartment is huge! Be Prepared has six mesh pockets lining the main compartment (two tall, two wide, and two medium sized). The zipper around the main compartment goes down the side so you can expand the bag when it is fully opened. This is a great feature so you can dig deep to get items and keep everything stacked nicely. I love this big space because it can fit our baby carrier inside.
  • One side of the Be Prepared diaper bag has a pocket with a large changing pad made of memory foam.
  • The side bottle pockets are made with Thinsulate by 3M so they can keep our bottles warm for short trips and cool for our longer trips—especially if I add an ice pack too. I like to keep wipes in one of these so that it is handy, and because there are two pockets, I still have one for bottles.
  • Between the main compartment and the Mommy Pocket, there is a large pocket closed by a magnet. This is perfect for magazines, baby books, coloring books, small toys, extra wipes, or a small blanket.

Ju Ju Be 2Durable definitely describes the Be Prepared diaper bag. Ju-Ju-Be uses metal hardware and quiet magnets that will hold up for many years. I don’t have to worry about the Be Prepared Diaper Bag getting dirty and smelly because Ju-Ju-Be has thought of everything. The bag is made with Teflon so it’s easy to wipe and stains don’t set in the fabric. It won’t ever get smelly because the inside is treated with Agion, an antimicrobial treatment that kills germs, mold and bacteria. Be Prepared has crumb drains in the corners so you can simply push the crumbs out if you have a mess. I love how the entire bag is machine washable so I can easily toss it in the wash and let it air dry. This diaper bag even has metal studs on the bottom so it sits above the ground and stays upright easily.
JuJuBe 3Carrying the Be Prepared diaper bag is easy too. It has two small handles and one large strap. The large strap has memory foam that cushions and keeps the strap from sliding off your shoulder. Be Prepared weighs 3lbs. 15oz. when empty so it can get heavy when fully loaded. If you prefer to hang your diaper bag from your stroller handle, you can purchase really nice Be Connected stroller straps for $25 from Ju-Ju-Be.
Ju Ju Be 5Be Prepared is a larger diaper that allows our family to pack for longer outings and long car rides. For trips on airlines, it allows us to pack lots of gear just in case we’re delayed. I was able to pack all our baby gear in this bag for a weekend trip to visit relatives, and it was nice to have everything in one place. Be Prepared would be great for families with multiple children in diapers because it would allow you to easily organize each child’s gear. After checking out all the space and pockets, my friend who has twins was ready to order her own Be Prepared Diaper Bag, and I know she’ll be very pleased with it.
Price: $180
To buy: shop.ju-ju-be.com