Jordana Paige Quinn

By Published On: November 24th, 2014

Beautifully crafted. Smart design. Gorgeous embellishments. Vegan cobalt blue faux […]

Beautifully crafted. Smart design. Gorgeous embellishments. Vegan cobalt blue faux leather adorned with gold metallic hardware. My Jordana Paige Quinn handbag is stylish and functional; a must have for every mom in search of a beautiful handbag big enough for both her everyday items as well as baby’s. Jordana Paige designed this bag for knitters. There are tons of pockets to fit accessories, a knitting project and everyday necessities. It just so happens to work as a diaper bag as well!
PrintIn a typical diaper bag, there are obvious pockets for diapers, wipes and a changing pad. This Quinn is so roomy; one can creatively place items according to their own style. It’s a large, boxy shoulder bag. But the faux leather is soft, not stiff. If you’re carrying baby items and all the belongings normally in your purse, it works. I carry diapers, wipes, two changes of baby clothes, a changing pad, snacks, a pacifier, two water bottles, as well as my tablet, phone, journal, wallet, keys and other tiny items that normally reside in my purse pockets. And there’s still room to toss in my scarf for those chilly mornings we’ve been having—all the space a mom could want or need within a beautiful bag.
Once the two-way zipper is opened, the top of the bag folds down to reveal a pretty, light-tan, cloth interior. There is a detachable coin purse inside the bag in the same bold cobalt blue, two small zippered pockets, one large zippered pocket big enough to hold a tablet that acts as a divider, two bottle holders, two circlets, a row of pockets and three card slots—a lot of options for organization. It also has two small zippered pockets on the outside of the bag. One of them holds my phone perfectly, the other my keys. Easy access.
This bag looks and feels great. There are feet on the bottom to keep it clean when setting it down. It doesn’t feel too heavy once filled. It’s great for a day trip around town or when you’re setting out with the kids to run errands. It doesn’t have stroller straps but it will fit into my strollers that have larger storage baskets. (I have four strollers, two kids.) Then again, I hate to stuff this bag anywhere since it’s so pretty and stylish.
It comes in three beautiful colors as well: praline, black and cranberry—feminine and classy. And the price is right. If you adore organization and roominess in a quality handbag, this Quinn bag will suit you.
Price: $139
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