Joovy Zoom ATS

By Published On: July 30th, 2012

I love to run. But I also have children—and while […]

I love to run. But I also have children—and while the two oldest are able to keep up with me or pass me on their bikes, my youngest needs a ride. I recently was able to get out for a good run with a beautiful Joovy Zoom ATS stroller, and I loved it! It runs smoothly, has great height for easy hand placement, and the shock absorption is spectacular. It made for a comfortable five miles for both my daughter and me. She had everything she needed at her fingertips thanks to the mesh pockets on either side of her extra wide seat. She could also lean back in full shade with the extra large canopy, which has a “peek-a-boo” top so I could check on her without stopping.
Joovy Zoom ATSI too had all I needed with the large basket underneath the seat and the awesome double cup holder near the handle. I was able to secure my keys and cell phone in the zipper pouch on the detachable cup holder as well. Joovy has thought of everything, especially safety, in this construction of this product. It has the seal of approval from JPMA, reflectors on all tires, and reflective stitching on the 5-point harness. There is even an air pump for the tires strapped in to the bottom of the basket!
The downsides? The front wheel stays in the locked position for running; There isn’t an option to have it swivel should you need to navigate through a tight space easily. A fixed wheel is standard for most jogging strollers, but a swivel option allows you to use the stroller elsewhere when necessary, not just on the trails. If you’re interested in a swivel wheel, you’ll want to check out the Joovy Zoom 360 (same awesome stroller described here, just with the addition of a swivel wheel. And it’s the same price!). While the seat reclines to several different positions, bringing the seat upright is not as easy as it could be. And as most jogging strollers are, this stroller is bulky and the wheels take up quite a bit of space when folded (but can be removed to fit into a tight space).
Overall, I would recommend this stroller again and again, and am already looking forward to my next run!
Price: $270
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