Joovy TooQool

By Published On: July 17th, 2014

Say Hello to the Cadillac of double strollers. The assembly, […]

Say Hello to the Cadillac of double strollers. The assembly, features and design of the Joovy TooQool Double Stroller are first rate. In the words of my husband: sweet. He took care of the assembly and remarked how nice it was not to have to go looking for a screwdriver as all the parts, wheels, axels and seats just clicked into the frame. No tools required. Everything is discreetly marked right and left to make it easy. He said it only took a few minutes to have the whole thing put together. And then I saw it.
JoovyTooQool-1 It’s absolutely beautiful. If visual aesthetic is something you’re looking for in your stroller, look no further. It has a lightweight, aluminum frame and we chose Vanilla colored seats—very modern and sleek. There are 10 interesting colors to choose from, everything from charcoal and black to hot pink, apple and purpleness. Beautiful choices! Even the cup holder is cool. It sits on the side of the handlebar and swivels.
So now for the functionality of the stroller …  I love it. If you are pregnant for the first time and considering having another child in the future, get this stroller. You don’t need another one. You don’t need a single stroller, an umbrella stroller or a snap and go. Just this one. It serves all those purposes, and it can be used for just one child by removing the rear seat, providing the look and feel of a single stroller with no bulkiness.
JoovyTooQool-3The seats are situated front to back with the front one being higher off the ground than the rear. Each seat holds 55 pounds. You can turn the front seat toward or away from you. Both seats can be removed with great ease. Just press a button on each side and lift off.  They just as quickly snap back into place. With two children, you can use both seats, or you can use only the front seat and then attach a ride-on stroller board for your toddler. My toddler loves this option! She prefers to stand than sit when given the choice. Her younger brother can sit facing us and enjoy our coos and winks as we stroll. The ride-on stroller board clicks into place easily. When not in use, you can flip the board into the storage compartment under the seat or simply remove.
JoovyTooQool-6The front seat has three recline positions, three foot rest positions, an attachable snack tray and a very large canopy; all the components you need for a comfortable ride. Everything clicks into place and adjusts efficiently. The rear seat has two recline positions. The seat cushions are machine washable and the harness straps are simple to adjust.
Bells and whistles that are nice for the driver include a leatherette cover to the handlebar and six handlebar height positions.  The storage underneath the seat is adequate.
JoovyTooQool-2The stroller folds and unfolds with the push of a button. Remarkably, the stroller will fold with both seats. It’s a little heavy and on the bulky side to store in the trunk but it fits. You can remove the seats before you fold it, so it’s just the frame, but then you have to put the seats somewhere.
For gravel and off-roading, the front wheels lock into place with the quick push of button. Another push of the button, and they swivel again. Even the brake is smooth. I have three other strollers, and this brake clicks into place and releases better than any other. The attention to every design detail is noteworthy.
JoovyTooQool-4If you remember nothing else from this review, please note this: Don’t buy any other stroller if you are starting your family and plan to have two+ kids. You can start out with this one and add your second child without buying all the other strollers. You can even snap in your car seat instead of using the front seat for the first three months. Really, this stroller can do everything. And with the ride-on stroller board for toddler, you have variety.
If you’re into efficient, modern, sleek design paired with practical form and function, buy this stroller. The price may seem high, but remember, you won’t need to spend money and space on another stroller.
Price: $799
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