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By Published On: August 31st, 2015

Multipurpose is the best word to describe the Joovy TooFold […]

Multipurpose is the best word to describe the Joovy TooFold stroller by Micralite. It can transform from a single stroller to a double stroller, a single stroller with a standing platform, and even a single stroller with a huge storage pack. It’s the sporty-looking stroller that grows with your family!


Mother and children using the stroller as a single stroller with standing platform

Our Joovy TooFold stroller required some time for assembly. Before our first stroll, I needed to install the wheels, mudguards and washable seat cover. The instructions are adequate, and some steps require reading twice; however, it’s not hard if you patiently follow the step-by-step guide and separate booklet of illustrations. Joovy has included the air pump, so no tools are need. While you’re working on setup, I’d also advise practicing the standing platform conversion and single-to-double transition. It’s nice to practice extending the wheelbase and understand how everything works even though you may not need those features all the time. Converting the stroller is really simple once you figure it out!

The handlebars of the TooFold stroller can be adjusted many different ways: in a closed loop, open wide to the side, turned downward, turned upward and then all of those options can be adjusted for height. To adjust the height, you close a quick adjustment lever. (It’s important for the handlebars to be really tight when you close the lever.) To tighten the lever, you turn the whole lever in a clockwise motion—this step is unclear in the instructions. Unless the handlebars are super tight, it’s difficult to maneuver up small curbs and over large sidewalk bumps—the handlebars will slowly rise and fall when you tilt the stroller to lift the front wheels. It took me a while to experiment and find my favorite handlebar position. I found that a wider handlebar setting helps me turn more easily, but the widest setting makes me feel like I am driving a big motorcycle, ha!

As a single stroller, the Joovy TooFold handles well and turns easily. It provides a smooth ride for our son, and he enjoys sitting in it. He likes the wide seat and ability to swing his legs. The mesh seat and shoulder pads have been a blessing during our summer heat, and our son’s back stays cool even on hot days. Three months old is the minimum age for the front seat, and children need to be able to hold their head up well. The front seat’s maximum weight is 45 pounds.
The single stroller seat includes a sunshade, and Joovy has provided an additional canopy extension. The attached sunshade has a modest size measuring 14 inches at the widest point and extending 16.5 inches over the stroller. It does well in blocking the overhead sun, and it prevents side-angle rays from shining in our son’s eyes. The sunshade’s viewing window has a design to help block some sun-rays. The extra canopy adds much more shade, and I find myself often in need of the extra protection this summer. It stores easily in a small bag that fits in the storage basket below so that you can carry it with you.JoovyTwoFold2Adding the stand-on board behind the single stroller is smooth and seamless. Our son feels like a “big boy” standing on the board and riding behind the TooFold. The board is designed for children at least 2.5 years old who are no more than 44 inches tall and 45 pounds. Our son is pretty secure as he stands surrounded by the handlebars, and small bumps are not a problem. When the stand-on board is extended, you are able to use the huge, waterproof storage bag/backpack. The bag provides ample storage for everything but the kitchen sink, and it’s even waterproof! It’s a great option for shopping, and we love using it at our farmers’ market. Speaking of waterproof, Joovy has also included mudguards for the rear wheels—I really hope I never need to test those.
It is easy to convert the TooFold stroller into a double. The double seat includes a generously sized sunshade, which provides plenty of shade for the second passenger. As a double stroller, the TooFold becomes more cumbersome to push and maneuver. Obviously, the stroller is heavier and longer, so you have to accommodate that when turning and going over small bumps. Hills can be breathtaking! With the double seat, I sometimes feel like I am reaching for the handlebars because the second seat extends the back of the stroller. I love using our double seat when we walk with friends. With only one stroller, we can walk side by side on the sidewalk, and it’s entertaining to listen to our kids chatting inside the stroller. When using the second seat, be sure that the passenger’s weight is no more than 45 pounds and that the total weight of the stroller is no more than 100 pounds.
Joovy has provided an adequate-sized storage basket under the stroller seat to hold small items and jackets. There is a strap across the center of the basket, so a small cooler or diaper bag will not fit. Cell phone and key storage is best inside the sunshade’s zippered pocket. Additionally, there is a drink holder on one side of the sunshade.
The TooFold is sturdy. It has an anodized, ultra-lightweight aluminum frame that helps keep it light; however, it is still a pretty heavy stroller weighing in at 23.6 pounds. It is very large, and I find it cumbersome to carry when folded. As a single stroller, it measures 35.5 inches long by 25 inches wide by 44 inches tall. When the wheelbase is extended, its length also extends to 43 inches. Though the TooFold is sporty and sleek, it is not a compact stroller. Folded dimensions are 17.5 inches long by 19 inches wide by 41.25 inches tall. I love how the TooFold stands upright and keeps both wheels on the floor when folded.
The Joovy TooFold stroller comes in blue, red, black and a yellow called “lemontree.” We reviewed the blue color, and it is a nice, medium shade of royal blue. The second seat only comes in black, and it matches the stroller’s frame well. The TooFold is a high-end stroller retailing for $800, and the rear seat is sold separately for $220. A separate rain cover is also available for $80. Because of its versatility, a family can use the Joovy TooFold for many years, and it is perfect for two children who are close in age. More information and video demonstrations can be found here.
Price: $800
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