Joovy Cocoon

By Published On: March 1st, 2011

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I […]

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when asked by the P&N staff to review the Joovy Cocoon stroller.
As new parents, my husband and I have been on a search for the perfect multi-functional stroller that is compact but has lots of storage, durable but not overly heavy or bulky, and highly maneuverable. I was delighted to find that the Joovy Cocoon has all of these qualities and more!
JoovyCocoon1The Joovy Cocoon is a stroller, jogger and bike trailer all-in-one. Assembly out of the box took little time—I simply clipped in all four wheels and snapped on the handlebar. The interior of the Cocoon is very spacious. It has a large canopy, plenty of legroom, and side pockets for snacks and toys for the ride. It is not car seat compatible but does feature a 5-point harness that snugly fits a child up to 60 pounds. The Cocoon has two large vinyl windows for great views and a third in the front that also serves as the entry point. The front vinyl window protects your precious cargo from the elements and can be unzipped to use the mesh window for airflow and ventilation— and to keep away those pesky mosquitoes. The Cocoon really is the stroller for all seasons!

In the back of the stroller, there is a huge enclosed space for an oversized diaper bag and other essentials, which makes up for not having cup holders. The Cocoon also has dual rear parking brakes which are a great feature but may be hard to lock with open-toed shoes.
At 33 pounds, the Cocoon is not lightweight, but it is compact and easy to fold. It collapses by unclipping two levers located in the rear storage compartment.The handlebar and wheels can also be removed for a more compact fold to fit in small spaces. As a cautionary note, the stroller does not lock in the folded position.

My favorite part about this stroller is that it pushes with ease! As a jogger and bike trailer, the Cocoon offers a smooth ride, nicely handles turns, and maneuvers easily around bends and corners mainly because of its large, bike-like wheels. It is a bit wider than the average stroller travel system but it still fits through doorways. A shortcoming is that the handlebar only adjusts to two positions.
Converting the stroller to a jogger to a bike trailer was a breeze. To use it as a jogger, I simply removed the front swivel wheels and added the front fixed wheel secured with a single locking pin. To convert it to a bike trailer, I removed the front wheels and attached the tow bar with a single locking pin.he jogging and bike trailer accessories are sold separately.

The Cocoon’s versatility surpasses my expectations for an all-in-one stroller, and I look forward to using this stroller while strolling, jogging and biking with my little one in tow!
Price: $499.99 (jogging accessory, $69.99; bike trailer accessory, $69.99)
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