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I was more than excited to receive our Joovy Caboose […]

I was more than excited to receive our Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller, and I’m happy to report that it’s a fantastic lightweight, compact, versatile double stroller at a great price point.

joovycaboose4My first impression was that I liked the color, a vibrant teal. We have two boys, and it was nice to get something in a color other than black! The manual was decent but not quite as helpful as I would have liked. I found myself having to go online to get more information about how to use the stroller. The manual covered set-up just fine, as there wasn’t much to do, but the different features were not explained as thoroughly.

The assembled stroller is rather cumbersome (I know that comes with the territory when you’re talking double strollers), but happily, it’s very compact when collapsed and lightweight to boot. Folding it up requires just one step, and it easily fist in our SUV, as well as the trunk of our car. It locks when folded (hooray!), but it doesn’t stand on its own, so I often lean it against something.

joovycaboose1My toddler was in the stroller before I could even finish setting it up, ha! He seemed to love it. The seats appear comfortable and well put together. We opted to add the Caboose Rear Seat since our older son is just 2 years. It was easy for him to hop into the front seat, but I had to put him in the back seat, as he couldn’t get into it himself because of how close it is to the front.

I love having the seats inline front to back because it makes the stroller so much easier to maneuver than when they are side by side. The seats both recline, although I’ve get to put my my 3-month-old in without the car seat because he still need more support. (Did I mention the stroller is car seat compatible and accommodates one infant car seat?)

There is also the option to ride on the glider board. It works out perfectly for our little one to sit in front while our toddler stands on the back. There also is the rear bench, which is great for a toddler who doesn’t want to be confined to the stroller (read: our son).

As mentioned, most car seats are compatible with the Joovy Caboose. When the car seat is locked in, however, note that only the glider board is accessible because the front seat needs to be fully reclined (which means there is no room to use the rear seat or bench).

joovycaboose2The fabric of the stroller is great. It is easy to clean, and the seats can be removed to clean as well. There is a snack tray in the front and cup holders for mom. I especially like the cup holders for mom, as they are removable and can fit two cups plus your keys/phone.

The canopy attaches at the middle of the stroller, which can be a little awkward, but it’s nice and big and there’s an extension to cover the backseat passenger, too. The wheels are plastic and maneuver very well, making it through and over most terrain. (Gravel is hard, but grass is definitely doable.)

The stroller can accommodate up to 90 pounds, so 45 pounds per seat, which makes it perfect for two kiddos, especially when they are both toddlers. A rain cover can be purchased separately, and the stroller is available in turquoise, black, red and citron. The only thing I would change about the seating is making it possible for the second child to sit while the car seat is attached. (Although this is probably only an issue if you have two babes under 2, ha!) Beyond that, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is perfectly lightweight and versatile and a great value, too.

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