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By Published On: January 6th, 2017

If being honest, I have always lacked in the stroller […]

If being honest, I have always lacked in the stroller department. My husband and I got into a habit of wearing or carrying our daughter everywhere we went, even after she was much older but still unable to walk. For whatever reason, we just had a “get by” mentality because I felt that strollers were just a hassle. When we found out bambino No. 2 was on the way, I knew I had to commit to being a stroller user. To alleviate my transportation woes, I was given the opportunity to test out the Joolz Geo 2 Duo.

Joolz is a Netherlands design company with craftsmanship and baby’s comfort in mind. There’s a lot to this stroller, so it arrived in many separate boxes. Each piece was well packaged and moderately light for how large the boxes were—the chassis (pram-like base) being the heaviest. Aesthetically, this thing is really, really pretty. I felt more luxurious toting this stroller than my own vehicle. The frame is sturdy, the seat fabrics soft and the overall look is super sleek. Looks aside, this gear is definitely an investment, so let’s break it down on what this thing has to offer your growing family.

The first thing I found in the manual was a sheet on proper configurations of the stroller seats and Joolz accessory combinations. It serves as a guide to all the ways you can assemble your gear and whether or not it is safe. The point is to eliminate the stroller becoming unstable in any way, so each combination is labeled and illustrated and comes with a checkmark or an X beside it. I thought this was really helpful! It’s an easy thing to keep on hand without rereading the entire manual should I need a refresher on what can and can’t go with my specific set up. (This is also helpful when purchasing accessories.)

The main contents of the manual are all photos. There aren’t written instructions on how to assemble the stroller in different ways. You can flip to the back where there’s a notes section referencing certain photos for additional clarification. I appreciate visuals, but I tend to second-guess the process of putting together gear, so I resorted to online videos for additional—and in my opinion, needed—reference.

Thankfully, much of the assembly process is simple. You do not need additional tools, and most pieces click or snap into place (I like hearing confirmation something is properly attached). The cot is set up individually and then attached to the bottom (it can be changed out with an XL storage basket). The upper seat frame is part of the chassis, so you simply connect the fabric contents and zip into place.

My two favorite things about the Joolz Geo 2 are its different customization options and the ability to collapse flat for travel and storage. Depending on your carrying needs (extra storage, new baby, twins, etc.), there is an assembly option available for each user. If I am cruising solo with one baby, I can utilize the storage basket for some groceries instead of toting around a seat that’s not needed. Speaking of toting around, this stroller packs a pretty impressive disappearing act. With a few minor tweaks to the seat canopy and handlebar, it can be downsized to fit easily in the trunk of a car or carried on a bus. It does take two hands to properly collapse this stroller, but there’s a leather strap that creates an easy, basket-like carrying option once ready to go.

The true test was whether or not my oldest would tolerate being confined to a stroller. I’m thankful the cot goes on the bottom and her seat was up above. The bumper bar was appealing to her (like we were shopping at the grocery store), and she loved having an accessible footrest and being positioned up higher than some of our other baby gear. My newborn didn’t seem to mind being underneath her seat, and I realized it was a nice barrier to keep strangers at bay from getting too close to baby. I will note that when my toddler is reclined for a nap, there’s not a lot of room between her seat and my youngest. The limited space may prove difficult for older babies in the lower seat, especially if they appreciate being visually stimulated.

Maintenance for the Joolz Geo 2 is fairly simple, but be sure to refer to the instructions when choosing cleaning products. Hand washing and air-drying is the advised form of cleaning the seat fabrics. Their recommendation is to use warm soap and water for all parts of the stroller, as certain agents (such as bleach or other harsh chemicals) can cause corrosion and stripping. It’s also encouraged to periodically use a silicone spray on the tires to keep the wheels running smoothly. Should something happen to your stroller—not listed in the warranty null and void section—there is a 24-month warranty period that starts on the day of purchase.

As I mentioned before, the Joolz Geo 2 is an investment, and lifestyle plays a part in how well it may or may not accommodate your family’s needs. It states in the guide this stroller is for all terrain including beachfronts and forests, but I would recommend this product mostly to friends in cities or areas easily walked and with accessibility to nearby stores, shops, etc. Even as a (more) compact option for a double-stroller, it’s still a bit heavy (37 pounds alone) to handle and push (not to mention the two wee ones riding alone) and isn’t hill-friendly.

If you’re into customization, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of ways to trick out your gear. The Joolz Geo comes in an array of colors, and there are many fun accessories to add to your purchase, such as a snack tray, a footboard for older kids to ride along, personalized handlebars (side note on the handlebar: it is adjustable, so your partner can easily help with transportation, too!) and every cover needed to keep your babes sun, rain and bug free. And although there isn’t any additional storage space when operating as the Duo 2, there are storage accessories available for purchase to help with quick errands or trips to the farmers market.

The maximum weight for the Duo 2 (one infant and one toddler seat) is 40 kilograms, which equals to about 89 pounds. Each seat is ergonomic and is suitable for your child until they hit approximately 45 pounds. It comes with an air-top ventilated canopy, 5-point adjustable handle bar height and 4-wheel suspension.

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to review the Joolz Geo Duo, and I believe it is a quality piece of craftsmanship. I think the price is high, but it does deliver on quality materials and thoughtful design. You don’t have to sacrifice on style when wanting something practical, so if you are looking for something beautiful and useful, this may be a great option.

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