Jonathan Adler Crafted by Fisher-Price Deluxe High Chair

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I have a love-hate relationship with highchairs. While I love […]

I have a love-hate relationship with highchairs. While I love anything that restrains my child, too often highchairs take up too much space and become an eye sore. So when I heard Jonathan Adler had partnered with Fisher-Price to design a highchair, I jumped at the possibility to test it out. (Great line!)

Right out of the gate, I could tell the assembly of the Jonathan Adler Crafted by Fisher-Price Deluxe High Chair would be a breeze. There were just 10 pieces and an instruction manual equally as brief; nonetheless, I felt very comfortable and confident in the construction of the materials and how the chair was assembled.

As a parent, I’m easily overwhelmed when putting together furniture that may cause injury to my children. With the Deluxe High Chair, I immediately felt at ease putting my infant and even our 2-year-old in it. The overall construction is sturdy, and the legs hold the chair in place securely. For as lightweight as it is, it never feels flimsy or cheap.

When we first assembled this chair, our infant was only a few months old, so our toddler tested it out first. Coming in at 32 pounds, we thought her weight was a great first test. I will admit she looked a little large for the seat, but that didn’t seem to bother her since I had to bribe her to get out so her sister could try it. Bribery for the win!

A huge plus about this chair is the ability to recline the seat. Because of this, our youngest was able to sit with our family at the table for meals before she was ready for solids. Further, the adjustable footrest will help when a child transitions in length, thus ensuring the chair can be used for a long time.

One of my favorite things about this chair is the appearance. The clean yet simple style makes it a great addition to any kitchen or dining room. More importantly, the seat cover is made of materials that are easily cleaned and can be installed and uninstalled in a minute or less. My husband noted that the rubbery straps can feel a little stiff when adjusting size, but I will take a little stiffness because they are so easy to wipe clean! The tray is put on by squeezing on both sides, requiring two hands. For me, this was a huge con of the design as I rarely have both my hands free. They made up for this design flaw with the top of the tray table, which easily pops off to be able to take right to the sink to rinse clean.

Hands down, this chair was one of the easiest pieces of furniture we’ve assembled, and because of the ingenuity of materials and features included, we would highly recommend this chair to our loved ones. We look forward to using the chair and having it enhance our living spaces.

P.S. If you’re a visual person like me, check out this video to see the chair in action.

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