JJ Cole Collections Zoey Bag

By Published On: August 15th, 2012

Growing up, I was baffled by the immense amount of […]

JJColeZoeywebGrowing up, I was baffled by the immense amount of “stuff” my mom carried in her purse. I always wondered: Why? Now that I’m a mom, I know why. As a mother—and even more so as a new mother—you want to plan for everything short of a natural disaster. And that takes “stuff.” And, of course, a bag to put all that stuff in. The Zoey Bag from the JJ Cole Boutique Collection delivers.
Measuring 15” w x 10” h x 6” d, it is both spacious and portable. With five interior pockets, a side exterior bottle compartment, two additional side pockets equipped with turn locks for safe keeping of small electronics, and key hooks on either end of the shoulder strap, you can find a place for everything, including the convenient changing pad provided. The changing pad can be folded and secured with a velcro fastener for easy storing. All this can be done while remaining fashionable and clean. Although not everyone’s taste (just ask my husband!), I consider the bag very trendy, with a large floral print in teal and gray and complementary gray interior. For a stylish mom, it’s just right. A couple other colors/patterns are available and on the products website for viewing. Additionally, it is made out of what JJ Cole calls Re-Run fabric, which allows for easing cleaning, water-resistance, and environmental savvy.
Equipped with a long adjustable shoulder strap, the busy mom is able to wear the bag a variety of ways, namely across her chest so the bag is secure yet mom is completely hands-free. Despite the shoulder and messenger carrying options available, I tend to favor a book bag style, which this bag does not allow for. (But, to be fair, I have always despised carrying pursues and have always carried a book bag whenever possible, so, I was bias from the start.) Whatever your preference, it is important to you think about how you carry your baby. Since, at this point in motherhood, I have yet to carry my child on my back, the book bag is my preferred choice as the straps don’t interfere with the baby and the weight distribution is even across my back; however, I may reconsider this when piggy back becomes the popular mode of transportation!
Adding to its usability is the flat firm bottom, which prevents it from tipping over regardless of where it’s placed. In addition to the strap providing hanging opportunities, stroller straps are also provided.
This Zoey Bag is of excellent quality, and I have a feeling it will hold up well over the next couple years. At $89, the price point is fair—certainly not inexpensive, but not as pricey as some of the higher end bags I’ve seen. For a fashion-conscious mom wanting to invest in a well-designed bag, the Zoey Bag is certainly a top contender.
Price: $89
To buy: jjcolecollections.com