JJ Cole Collections Technique Bag

By Published On: July 18th, 2010

Well, hello, super cute and practical and affordable diaper bag! […]

Well, hello, super cute and practical and affordable diaper bag! Where have you been all my life?
JJColeTechniqueBagYour water-resistant, wipeable exterior is so cheery. (Of course, what is there to be unhappy about when you’re PVC- and phthatalate-free?) You’ve got two rainbow-shaped pockets out front that give you just a little edge (and allow you to hold car keys and cell phones within easy-to-find reach) and a large zippered pocket on the backside that fits the included coordinating change mat as well as any other junk I need to fit in your trunk. I love that about you. You know what else I love? That little pacifier pouch you come with; it just hooks right on and helps me pacify a fussy baby in a jiffy.
I think your heavy-duty rubber stroller straps are just the bee’s knees. I never worry about working them too hard, and they work well on each of the three strollers I’ve hooked you to. Sometimes I wish you had a little more than just a magnetic snap closure into your main compartment, but other times I’m glad to just reach in and grab something without having to deal with a zipper. (You know how us moms always want to have our cake and eat it too.)
Now don’t just think I’ve fallen for your outward beauty—I think you’re lovely on the inside as well. Why, you have four large elasticized pockets, plus a bottle pocket and zippered pocket. And let’s not forget about your cute little pouch-slash-wristlet; I like to keep my lipgloss and wallet in there. Shoot, I’ve been known to take the wristlet out of the diaper bag and put it into my purse on the rare occasions I leave baby home with a sitter. It’s such a convenient way to keep track of all my mommy essentials. You’ve got a nice key clip inside too that I’m sure loads of moms would love; unfortunately, I never take advantage of the organizational opportunity. For whatever reason, the front pockets just seem more convenient to me. I do put all the pockets and space to good use though—I’m always amazed by how much you can hold!
You sound great in theory, but you know what? You’re great in real life too. I mean, you’ve even got little feet on the bottom so you don’t get dirty when I set you on the ground. I like a bag that can put up with a little abuse. (And that I can afford without tapping into baby’s college fund.)
Price: $80
To buy: jjcolecollections.com