JJ Cole Broadway stroller and Newport car seat

By Published On: July 2nd, 2012

Our first stroller was an inexpensive, functional travel system that […]

Our first stroller was an inexpensive, functional travel system that met our needs, but left a lot to be desired, especially (we learned once we got to know our son’s preferences) the ability to convert to bassinet mode. I was specifically looking for a stroller this go around that had the ability to hold a baby lying flat, so that we would have that option, in addition to all the other normal stroller functions.
Enter the JJ Cole Broadway. This great looking stroller has just what I want when it comes to a lay-flat feature, but even better, it simply converts from bassinet configuration to seat configuration—no additional purchase or attachment needed. In addition, it is incredibly easy to assemble (literally just snapping on the stroller seat to the frame and the wheels and canopy after that is the bulk of the work—no tools are required) and folds up compactly for storage in the back of your car (seat must be removed, but if you’re using it as a travel system, this is not an issue)—neither of which I expected, honestly, by the look of it.
jj-cole-broadway-stroller-black-gray-dropsAlso cool is the fact that it comes with the option to purchase a color-swap canopy so that you can add a pop of color to your baby’s ride. (Or leave it black and sleek—whichever you prefer!) I’m also a big fan of the signature print (found on other items in JJCole’s line of baby gear) on the seat. Great for a boy or a girl.

Two other great features are the rotating seat and adjustable handle. (The latter was the selling point for my husband, who is a full foot taller than I am.) You can turn the stroller configuration so that the baby is facing toward you as you push or away from you as you push (as shown in above picture). To swap out baby’s view, you simply twist the middle part of the handle, raise the bar to the middle top position (like in the second image with the green canopy above) and the whole thing will swivel to where you want it. Easy peasy. The handlebar adjusts up and down with a push of a button on either side of the stroller. There is ample room in the under basket (though it can be hard to get a larger diaper bag down there because of the small openings to the basket) and the fabric of the stroller is wipeable and durable. The wheels are sturdy and roll like a dream, making it incredibly easy to maneuver.
The Broadway is good for use with children up to 50 pounds or whose standing height is 40 inches or less.

We also use the Newport as our car seat for the travel system (the Broadway can also accommodate the Lamaze Via, First Years Via 1470, Graco Snug Ride and the Chicco KeyFit). Designed with the same signature print for the seat and optional color swap canopy (different than the stroller canopy, so you have to buy two if you prefer to have a color on both your car seat and the stroller) the Newport was easy to install with the LATCH system and handy level indicators on the sides of the seat to let you know when the seat has been installed at the proper angle (adjustable by easy button access—the red front button pictured on the right). Interestingly, the seat is able to be installed in a car without a base (for children up to 22 pounds—with a base, the seat is good for children up to 35 pounds), though we have not used it this way.
To attach the seat to the Broadway, the toddler seat portion of the stroller must be removed, which only takes the pressing of the two release latches on either side of the seat. Then the Newport fits easily down into the hinges on the frame. When your baby is small and stays mainly in the car seat on errands around town, this means you only have to to take the frame of the stroller along in your car, which is a great plus. If you anticipate being somewhere where you’ll want to have the option to use the toddler seat in bassinet mode (or not), you’ll have to take along that part of the stroller as well. Also, be aware that Graco and Chicco seats require the infant adapter to install onto the Broadway (included with the purchase of the Broadway). The seat’s material is wipeable with soap and water.
All in all, this is a great-looking, great-functioning travel system that I would highly recommend.
Price: Broadway $450; Newport $200
To buy: jjcole.com