JJ Cole Agility

By Published On: February 27th, 2013

After coming home from the hospital with my newborn, I […]

After coming home from the hospital with my newborn, I discovered very quickly that she had a preference for being carried and snuggled close. We had previously purchased a traditional front facing infant carrier that she unfortunately was too small to use. We had also attempted to use another wrap, which required several feet of fabric and a lot of patience.JJColeAgility2 Luckily the opportunity arose for us to try a new wrap/infant carrier hybrid from JJ Cole called the Agility Wrap. The concept is for the Agility wrap to have the benefits of the cozy and snuggly wraps, minus the complicated folding and twisting of excess fabric. We found very quickly that the Agility was a perfect fit.
The Agility has a very simple and sleek design. It’s made of jersey knit fabric, which is very forgiving while still being breathable and easy to wash. It’s a one-piece system with no extra hooks, buckles or snaps. It simply stretches over your head as a T-shirt would, and feels just as light. The back of the wrap is lined with a mesh panel, which gives a little extra padding as well as breathability when a growing infant is settled into the front.
As a newborn, my baby slid nicely into the two cross-over fabric pieces in the front, allowing her to be cradled close to me while she rested (and while I completed housework hands-free). As she’s grown, the wrap has easily accommodated with different positioning, allowing her to face inward while sitting up, as well as comfortably face outward. The wrap is extremely secure, but for added security, one simple length of fabric is included that wraps gently under the baby’s bottom and around mom’s waist.
The instruction manual has very clear instructions, both with pictures and written instructions. I found, though, that unlike my other wrap (which required several viewings of a YouTube instructional video) ,the Agility is very instinctual in use and so simple that it would be difficult to use it incorrectly.
I would recommend the Agility wrap to any new mom who is looking for an easy, comfortable wrap that can stretch and grow as her child does. Although the carrier is safe for babies up to 35 pounds, it’s recommended most highly for newborn to 6-month-old passengers. The carrier is sized (small through extra-large), so if you and your partner are significantly different in stature, you’ll need to choose the primary wearer—or order two!
Price: $40
To buy: jjcolecollections.com