What I've learned: Six months

By Published On: November 20th, 2013

I can’t believe it. Normally, I use that phrase when […]

I can’t believe it. Normally, I use that phrase when making more off-handed comments, like acid-washed jeans suddenly make a comeback or Snooki’s novel becomes a New York Times bestseller. Yet today, this phrase has all the weight and meaning of its original intent. I can’t believe it. The six month mark is swiftly approaching, and I have no idea how we got here.

6 months

The first three months of Little E’s life are a huge blur. I remember crying in the shower from exhaustion and frustration trying to figure out what it all meant: being a mom and being E’s mom. Then I remember things like his eyes widening the first time he caught sight of his own hand, or the first time I heard him full-on laugh, or the first time he wrapped his arms around my neck to hold on to me tighter.
During the first three months, I have no idea how we filled our days, and no idea how much sleep I got. But once we hit that three month milestone, life with The Kid did start to slow down. I can remember more now—possibly due to the fact that I’ve been awake a lot more and have more to remember.
Here’s what I learned in the first six months:

  • I’m able to take frequent naps without anyone thinking I’m a slacker.
  • Spit-up makes a lovely firming facial mask.
  • I have an excuse for my hair to look like I just got finished testing jet engines from the inside.
  • It gets hard to remember important things, like if you’ve put on deodorant before your first yoga class in over a year.
  • A baby wants to experience everything by putting it in its mouth. This is not limited to things like your nose, dog hair, and tables.
  • Through the miracle of breastfeeding, those hamburgers I’m eating are finally going to someone else’s thighs.
  • No matter how long I’ve been gone, one minute or one hour, someone is always thrilled beyond belief to see me return.
  • Baby babble is cuter than a room full of puppies—mixed with kittens.
  • That commonly used phrase, “They grow up fast,” is without a doubt true. I’m learning to believe it.