Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

By Published On: June 1st, 2011

Written by: Mary May 31 2011 My husband and I […]

Written by: Mary

My husband and I are both “those people”—the kind who obsess about absolutely everything. The minute we got home from the hospital with our son, my husband hopped on the computer and created an elaborate graph system to record all of our son’s feedings, diapers, and sleep schedule. The system worked okay, but we were never totally satisfied with it.

I’d seen the Itzbeen baby care timer online before my son’s arrival, but didn’t understand the necessity. I mean, surely I could remember what time I last fed him; right? It turns out I couldn’t. Even with my husband’s graph system I still found myself struggling. What I, along with most other new parents, didn’t understand is that I would be functioning on about half of my regular sleep and feeling totally overwhelmed.

With baby number two arriving in a couple of months (and 18 months of mommy experience under my belt), I’ve begun to reevaluate my list of must-have baby gear. For me, an easy way to keep up with my baby’s schedule is a very high priority. After perusing all my options, I decided on the itzbeen. It is the simplest, most convenient option for my family.

I’ve been testing out the Itzbeen with my 18-month old son and I absolutely love it! Here’s the skinny on it’s super-cool features. It keeps track of diaper changes, feedings, sleep, and has an “other” option (which was great for timing medications when little man had a recent stomach bug). It features a soft-glow nightlight and a backlight which is helpful for reading times in the dark. I also love that it has a nursing reminder to help nursing moms remember which side baby last nursed from, something I always struggled with while nursing. It even offers the option to have a gentle alarm sound as a reminder for each feature.

I can’t wait to try the itzbeen with a newborn. It is a life-changing device for any frazzled, sleep-deprived parent.

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