It's a date!

By Published On: December 6th, 2011

My favorite part about the end of a year? Picking […]

My favorite part about the end of a year? Picking out a new calendar for the next year! There’s something about 365 days of possibility and opportunity ahead that’s both exciting and invigorating.
Plus, I have a thing for paper products. Try as I might to make use of the calendar on my phone, I can’t help but find myself reverting to good old-fashioned made-from-trees datebooks. Gotta give my eyes a break from the screen every once in awhile, right?
In case you’re anything like me, I picked out a few smart schedules to take you through the next 12 months. (Confession: A couple aren’t actually paper, but I think you’ll still like them.) Keep one at your desk, on your wall, or in your purse—or, heck, have one in each place!—to suit your organizational preferences.
It's a date!

a. Letterpress is always lovely. Paper Source, $28
b. A quirky, multitasking mousepad and weekday organizer in one. Knock Knock, $12
c. Build your month just the way you like it. Paper Source, $13
a. Brilliant! An 8 Days A Week planner—because we could all use an extra day. Bob’s Your Uncle, $14
b. A different colored notebook for every month of the year. So pretty. Moleskin, $27
c. The made-for-moms datebook. MomAgenda, $33
a. Personalize this dry erase calendar with your cuties’ mugs. mpix, $30
b. A traditional wall calendar with plenty o’ space for your days’ activities—plus a shot of your little ones. Erin Condren, $40
c. This jumbo kraft paper option just might be my favorite. Paper Source, $25
Are you a paper person or a tech-savvy lady? Do you have a planner (or app) you swear by? What exciting things do you have on the docket for 2012 (a babymoon? a baby? a first birthday?)? Please tell.