Introducing … food!

By Published On: October 24th, 2016

We haven’t begun giving Austin pureed human food yet, but […]

img_0335We haven’t begun giving Austin pureed human food yet, but we will soon. The reason being he’s been less and less tired around his bedtime of 7 o’clock. Linds will feed him, and he sits there, eyes open, staring at her, the wall, the night-light. But he just won’t begin to fade as easily as before. It isn’t every night, but he’s nearing 6 months so we figure what better time than now.
He still eats five times a day roughly every three hours. We know he’s eating enough; he just gets a bit cranky when he’s overtired. And you know what else happens when they’re overtired? Yup, they refuse to fall asleep. This is what I’m talking about.
Our plan is simple, in theory.
Feed him some sort of vegetable puree at dinnertime, when everyone else eats. Push the bath back 15 minutes or so until 6:45 or 7 p.m., and give him the last feeding soon thereafter. Boom!
And we don’t have one of those fancy-shmancy baby food-processing gadgets, though I’m sure they’d make it a bit easier. We’ll use the slow cooker, the stove, and an immersion blender. I know, crazy.
Peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, even bananas since they’re not really that sweet. They say you’re supposed to start bland (read: veggies). Sounds good to me! There are always vegetables leftover that I haven’t used in the week’s meal planning that will make a great starting point for getting our littlest dude some vitamins and minerals from something other than boob milk.
img_0306I am fairly certain he’ll eat it up. For a while. Vegetables, fruits, dairy once he’s of age. And then in two years he’ll refuse to eat what he once devoured. That’s pretty much how it’s gone with the other two. Nolan refuses bananas even though he used to eat at least one a day. And Graham doesn’t eat waffles!? What 2-year-old doesn’t eat waffles?
So we’re hoping that adding a meal of pureed vegetables will lead to an easier transition to sleep.
Any recipes or combinations you’d recommend? We’re always looking to expand the menu.