Innovative electives: These cool classes step outside the box

By Published On: August 23rd, 2012

Hypnobirthing. A method of relaxed, natural childbirth that teaches self-hypnosis. […]

Hypnobirthing. A method of relaxed, natural childbirth that teaches self-hypnosis.
Orgasmic birth. Embrace a feel-good technique to labor.
Fear to freedom. Take charge of your body and birth with empowerment courses.
Birthing from within. Explore the mind, body and soul connection to the birth process.
Hypnobabies. A childbirth course that works with hypnosis, as well as mind and body pain control methods.
Single mom courses.* Learn how to balance your new babe while flying solo; plus, make friends and garner support from awesome moms just like you.
School for siblings.* Prepare your children for meeting their new family member.
Grandparents’ class.* Even veterans need a tune-up on parenting techniques of today.
Most hospitals and birth centers provide tours of the maternity wing where you plan to birth. Tours usually last one hour and are free or included in your class tuition. Taking a glimpse at where you’ll be delivering is a great way to feel at ease and excited about your baby’s upcoming birthday.
[tip] Some delivery locations include class enrollment in the fees you pay for the birth. Be sure to take advantage if that’s the case for you!
Prenatal yoga
The American Pregnancy Association (APA) states that exercise during pregnancy can help alleviate pain, improve circulation and aid in control during delivery. In mommy-to-be yoga classes, students practice deep breathing, stretching and relaxation techniques, all of which they can draw from on the big day. These classes are offered by gyms, hospitals, studios and private instructors with varying costs associated.
[tip] Tight budget? Try an at-home work-out DVD! Just make sure to clear it with your doctor first.
*Check with your birth location to see if it offers these up-and-coming courses.