Ingrid & Isabel Essentials Collection

By Published On: March 1st, 2010

Written by: Noel February 28 2010 I recently got to […]

Written by: Noel
I recently got to try out the Ingrid & Isabel Essentials Collection. (Ingrid & Isabel are the makers of the well-loved BellaBand, which is a godsend when you can’t button your pre-pregnancy jeans but are too small for maternity jeans).

I was looking forward to testing these out because I don’t have many maternity clothes and my 6-month pregnant belly is making it difficult to wear many of my non-maternity clothes.
I tried out two tops and two bottoms. The Everyday Cami and Ruched Tank are awesome. The Everyday Cami lays flat against my tummy so I can layer it under one of my non-maternity tee for extra length. (It prevents my big belly from hanging out!) The Ruched Tank is cool too because it sort of grows with your tummy. I like to wear mine underneath an open cardigan because the ruching provides interesting detail and offers a little more camouflage than the Everyday Cami. I love how both tanks are nice and long and really fitted yet stretchy. The fabric is almost supportive of your belly but is also nice and soft against it. Honestly, these tanks are of such great quality and versatility, I can see myself wearing them even after my pregnancy is over.
Ingrid and Isabel Everywear PantI also checked out the Everywear Pant and Belly Leggings. Let me just warn you that once you have these in your closest you will not want to wear any other pants. Ever. Both styles are sooo comfortable! The Everywear Pant is kind of like a yoga pant with a slight bootcut and really wide waistband. The waistband can be folded over or worn pulled up over your belly, depending on your stage of pregnancy and desired level of support. These pants are great for prenatal yoga (obviously), Saturdays spent running errands, and even going to church when worn with a nice top. I’m pretty tall (5’8”) and often have a hard time finding pants long enough for me, but these are perfect! The leggings are really great too; they have a wide waistband (it’s not quite as wide as the Everywear Pant) and can be rolled down, though I have mostly worn it pulled up. I’m a teacher and wear the leggings several times a week under dresses, skirts and tunics. They’re ridiculously comfy and so easy to wear—and again, nice and long. I wish I had a pair for every day of the week! As with the tanks, I know these are maternity, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up wearing them to my baby’s high school graduation (or at least to our first play date).
Ingrid & Isabel Belly LeggingThe Ingrid & Isabel Essentials Collection is really a great place to start when it’s time to look for maternity clothes. They comes in just three sizes (One (0-8), Two (10-14), Three/Four (16+), so it’s really easy to order online and end up with the right fit. (Even though I usually like trying things on in stores.) These maternity basics have helped me squeeze a little more life out of my non-maternity clothes (which will hopefully get me through another month or so—at which point I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy a few more things). The pieces are really of good quality and although they’re a bit of an investment, I think they’re well worth it. (I mean, you’re pretty much going to be living in them for the next few months, right?)
Price: $32-$88