Inglesina Zuma

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

The M’Home Collection from Inglesina features a range of mod-looking […]

The M’Home Collection from Inglesina features a range of mod-looking baby gear in bright, cheerful colors.
For P&N‘s first hands-on experience with the line, we tested out the Zuma highchair. While it looks high-tech, the Zuma is amazingly uncomplicated, beginning with the set-up.
InglesinaZumaThe Zuma is practically assembled when it arrives, so don’t bother unloading the tool box or setting aside an entire afternoon to put it together! With only a couple of easy steps, the Zuma is ready to use.The chair features wheels in front but not in back, so it seemed safest and easiest to move the chair into position by tipping it forward and rolling before I put my baby in it. Moving the chair with baby in place would not be so easy.
For your convenience and your child’s comfort, the Zuma easily adjusts to 8 different height positions (but again, adjust before putting your child in the seat). There are 3 seat reclines (important if you use the seat with a newborn!), and the foot rest adjusts to 2 heights.
Cleaning is a breeze (also very important for a busy mom on the go!)—the cushions and chair itself wipe down easily. There are two cushions layered one on top of the other, so you’re still covered if you’ve removed the top cushion for cleaning. The trays work the same way: A tray insert can be removed and washed in the dishwasher while the main tray stays put.
The tray is removable, so the chair can be used at your kitchen table when the height is lowered. Do be aware that the shape of the seat makes it difficult to pull all the way up to certain tables. For example, my table has a lip around the edge that’s about 5 inches deep,so I couldn’t pull the highchair up close; a thin-top table would probably be more compatible with the chair.
In addition, the 5-point harness is a great safety feature, especially for a climber like mine! The chair also folds for easy storage.
The only downside is the distance between the baby and the tray. The tray only pulls in to a set position, and—because of the slight recline of the seat—there is a gap of about 4-6 inches between the tray and the baby when the baby is strapped against the seat back (as she should be). If you’re still feeding your baby, this is no problem, but once baby begins to feed herself, don’t be surprised to see a some of those spoonfuls end up in her lap.
All in all, the Zuma is a very attractive chair, a chair that’s easy to set up and easy to use.
Price: $249
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