Inglesina Quad Stroller with Pushchair Seat and Bassinet

By Published On: April 21st, 2014

I was excited and a little intimidated by the three […]

I was excited and a little intimidated by the three large boxes that arrived with my new Inglesina Quad Stroller with Pushchair Seat and Bassinet. The boxes weren’t heavy—just large—so my sweet hubby, who handles all things heavy and all household projects, stood by as I insisted on opening the boxes and assembling myself.
Inglesina Quad 1
When I opened the boxes and took the pieces out to assemble, the first thing I noticed was how gorgeous the color and fabric is on the pushchair seat and bassinet. It’s a mellow shade of plum, not too purple, along with heathered beige to contrast. Very androgynous, which I am definitely a fan of! I’ve read Inglesina always uses modern, chic colors, and this is no exception. I’m not a neon or pastel type of gal, so this suits me just fine. The chassis is lightweight aluminum and graphite gray, which blends perfectly with the plum.
I received a manual on how to complete the process, so I could put the gear to the test. Half of the manual is a step-by-step guide using photos to show how to assemble and operate. The other half is written instructions, which were pretty clear and concise. I used both to make sure I assembled everything properly. Precious cargo!
Once I clicked the back wheels into place, I followed the instructions to learn how to open and close the chassis and use the brake. I’m 5’4” on a good day and thought the handle was a little high. Ask and you shall receive! There are two side buttons on the handle for easy adjustment when pushed simultaneously—perfect for my 6’ tall husband and me. The handle is soft, thin foam, so it’s comfy and will be easy to maintain my grip, even if my hands are wet. The brake is centered in the middle of the chassis, so it’s easy to find and operate, unlike other strollers I’ve seen which position the brake near the tires. The chassis is very lightweight and opens and closes without much effort. There’s a roomy compartment underneath the chassis to store any goodies you may need. It can be removed for cleaning or if you simply don’t require it.
Inglesina Quad 2
Clicking the bassinet into the chassis was a breeze! It seems a little big, but I’m little, so take that with a grain of salt. The apron was also easy to put on it. There’s a lever on the bassinet so the ventilation can be controlled. This is a perfect feature for my summertime baby. The internal lining removes easily for cleaning.
The pushchair seat simply clicks into the chassis. You can set the seat to face you or face forward. If you need to increase the height of the shoulder straps, the entire chair must be removed from the chassis and flipped over, so you can unhook the fabric and go from there. It’s not difficult, but it wasn’t spelled out in the instructions. You wouldn’t have to perform this regularly, just when baby has a growth spurt.
The backrest adjusts to four different positions and the footrest adjusts up and down, a very cool feature. The handrail can also easily be attached and removed. It’s simply a matter of pressing two levers simultaneously. Attaching and detaching the hood is a bit of a bear, but I don’t suspect I’ll do this much, just when it’s time for a cleaning. The hood of the pushchair has a peekaboo window for viewing and pulls down very low to protect baby from the elements. I do lots of walking with my little one, so I love this feature.
The muff instructions were a little tricky and took a few tries to figure out how to place it properly on the pushchair, but it’s a wonderful accessory for cold weather days. There’s also a matching diaper bag available, which fits right over the handle.
I love how the bassinet and pushchair glide so easily in and out of the chassis. There’s no wiggling, straining or wrestling with each piece. It’s very quiet too so as to not disturb your little one. I like that everything “clicks” into place, so I can see and hear that it’s placed properly.  It took about an hour to assemble the stroller and learn how to operate the different parts.
After mastering the assembly, we took the stroller for a spin with baby. He’s a very amenable subject, just smiles and drools! I was able to open the stroller with just one hand. The chassis is very lightweight, which is key given all the gear I haul. The shoulder and waist straps in the pushchair adjust very easily—no tugging on the material required, so putting baby in was simple and didn’t disturb his peaceful mood.
Inglesina Quad 3
The new Quad is billed as an “all-terrain” trio. I tested it on a paved road, concrete sidewalk, rolling over a gravel drive and a trail of hay. Just a walk from the house to the local petting zoo provided the varying terrain. The solid handle and advanced system of four steel ball bearings wheels make this stroller a breeze to maneuver. I barely had to push it on the road and baby was snoozing in no time. The basket at the bottom is very large and held a variety of items to complement our walk. It was a little tough to push the stroller across the gravel. It was very bumpy, and my guinea pig was jarred awake. Once he was wide eyed, he really enjoyed tilting his head back and looking out of the peekaboo panel at the top of the pushchair. I wouldn’t use this stroller as all terrain as it was difficult to maneuver, but it is great on a paved road, which works well for us.
The bassinet is my favorite part of this stroller. As soon as baby was placed inside and we began our stroll, he was asleep in no time. The best part is once we returned home from our walk, I simply lifted the bassinet off the chassis, and he continued his nap indoors. The bassinet is lightweight and easy to take off the stroller base, so it didn’t disturb his slumber.
The lightweight Inglesina Quad Stroller with Pushchair and Bassinet is simple to assemble, easy to maneuver on paved roads and chic. The cup holder and basket beneath the chassis are great for mom. Baby loved the ride too as evidenced by a long snooze as we strolled. If your budget permits, we highly recommend.
Price: $599 for stroller, $249 for bassinet
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