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As new parents, we went out and purchased all the […]

As new parents, we went out and purchased all the latest and greatest gear for our daughter. But now that she is getting bigger, we realized we needed a lightweight and more portable stroller than our full-size travel system. With summer approaching, we knew we wanted something that would keep our babe cool and keep up with all of our family’s adventures. The Inglesina Net, a new lightweight stroller, was the perfect fit for the job!

“Assembling” the stroller required only attaching the hood and cup holder. It folded out of the box with ease, starting at roughly the size of a few umbrellas held together and morphing into a sleek and sturdy stroller. The instruction manual included step-by-step illustrations of how to use the system. It was simple to reference—just as a stroller manual should be. We have the white and black Net, but it also comes in red, pink, orange smoothie, light green and black.

The Net is the lightest stroller in Inglesina’s fleet, weighing just 11 pounds. It’s intended for little ones 3 to 36 months old and can accommodate 0- to 55-pound passengers.

The base of the seat cover is made entirely of mesh, allowing for air circulation even in the warmest months and making it ideal for zoo or amusement park trips.

You can snap your little one into the 5-point adjustable harness, and the seat is wide with a 2-position recline to allow your little one to snooze. The thin mesh canopy is rated UPF 50 to protect your babe’s gentle skin from the sun. The seat pad is removable and washable, making it is easy to clean—an absolute essential. The rest can be wiped down with soap and water.

The stroller glides with ease on many surfaces—from concrete to grass—thanks to the one-hand steering, all-wheel suspension, ergonomic handle and front swivel wheels. The stroller navigates beautifully. (Although, obviously, an all-terrain stroller would be better suited for family hikes, etc.) There is a foot-activated dual-rear parking brake and locking wheels. This stroller not compatible with any car seat.

One of my favorite features is that the Net is extremely easy to open and close. When folded, it can stand on its own, fit under the back seat of our car and sit upright in our closet. I also appreciate that when the Net is collapsed, the seat of the stroller that is in direct contact with your baby is completely encased in the system, which helps keep our little girl’s seat clean and fresh.

The Net features a practical shoulder strap for carrying it in the folded position (it’s really convenient when bringing it along on trips), and it’s equipped with a safety hook to avoid accidental opening of the stroller once stored. It’s these thoughtful details that really set the Net apart! It also includes a hood, seat pad, a large and easy-to-access storage basket, and cup holder.

The Net is a fantastic stroller for all adventures. We recently took a zoo trip, and it was easy to maneuver off paved pathways, gave our little one a smooth ride and was extremely easy to push up some of the large hills we encountered. It was also easy to control while shopping in tight corners.

Inglesina-Net-Combo-2The only downfall I found was that the hood does not have a peekaboo window. I am one of those moms that checks in on my daughter frequently. (Read: Every 5 seconds.) With the Net, I have to pull back the hood to see her, causing the sun to shine in her face 90 percent of the time. This can be a dangerous game with a sleeping baby. If I could suggest one improvement, adding a window to the canopy would be it.

The cup holder is an awesome bonus as I am always guzzling water. It works well for 20-ounce plastic bottles from the convenience store or a 12-ounce can of soda pop. It has the capability to expand to fit larger cups, but my heavy duty Tervis 20-ounce water bottle was too heavy and fell out numerous times.

I would definitely recommend the award winning Ingelsina Net to my friends and family. For the price, it is well worth it! As a lightweight stroller, it offers so many wonderful features, such as a comfy seat and roomy storage. Even though it is tough enough to travel through many environments, it folds up to a convenient size and is easy to take anywhere. We will be enjoying our Net for years to come!

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