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By Published On: December 1st, 2010

The Inglesina Club highchair is for use with children who are […]

The Inglesina Club highchair is for use with children who are at least 6 months old or are able to sit upright unassisted, up to 36 months or a weight of 33 pounds.
InglesinaThe club chair is a simple design meant for children who are ready to sit at the table. It has a removable tray and fixed legs and seat. There is a removable cushion over the seat and a three-point buckling harness.
The chair came in seven pieces. Snapping the legs and tray in place was no problem, but putting on the footrest was a little challenging. It was tough figuring out exactly how it screwed on. The directions would be much clearer if they had a better picture to go along with the description. Even after I figured out where things were supposed to go, getting the screws to go in tightly was also a challenge. Once the footrest was attached, the seat cover slid right on and the belts were easy to pull in to place. All in all, it took about 20 minutes to assemble the chair.
The tray is removable by squeezing a lever under each side. Removing the tray takes a little pulling while using a foot to hold the rest of the chair in place. Removing the tray is not terribly difficult but can be a challenge when also trying to hold a squirming child in one arm. The tray slides back on easily and snaps in to place letting you know that it is secure. It does not adjust to different settings. The instructions recommend cleaning the tray as well as the rest of the chair with lukewarm water and light detergent. The seat cushion is removable for cleaning and the tag recommends hand washing. It’s fairly easy to clean and dries quickly as well.
As far as safety goes, this chair is very stable, and I felt very secure having a child in it. He had plenty of wiggle room but at the same time was very well supported. It does seem that it would be a tight fit for a bigger child. (My tester was a 7-month-old who weighs about 18 pounds.) The three-point harness snapped in to place easily, and there is a plastic divider that goes between the child’s legs to prevent him from sliding down. He was very comfortable in the chair: He not only enjoyed his pureed greens beans, but was content to stay in the chair and play as well.
The seat and legs of the chair are fixed into place so the height can’t be adjusted and the seat does not recline. We have a counter height table so it would be nice if the seat height could be adjusted. Because of the simple, modern design, it would fit into most home decors. The legs are also fixed into place so the chair does not store away very easily although it is very lightweight and easy to move around as needed.
The Inglesina Club Highchair is a very sturdy chair for children who are sitting upright to eat. The simple design makes it an easy to use chair, and because it fits children up to 33 pounds, it will continue to be useful as your child grows. If you have a child that is ready to sit with you for dinner and you have a standard height kitchen table, I would recommend this product.
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