InGenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre

By Published On: July 1st, 2013

The InGenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre is a must […]

The InGenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre is a must for newborns and new mommies, like me. The greatest feature about the play yard is the fact that it is washable. Yes, washable. Gone are the days of only having “wipies” to depend upon. Just zip off the fabric, throw it in the washer, and voila! Cleanliness. Also, the changing station and dream center are easy to snap on or off of the rim of the play yard, which makes for a fast transition.
IngenuityWashablePlayardwithDreamCentreThe one thing about being a new mommy is the overwhelming feeling of what is best to use for your baby. With all of the products out there, it is great knowing there is something that can be used for playtime, naptime, and anything else in between. The InGenuity Playard is incredible because not only can it be used for many different functions, but also because it takes up very little space.
I absolutely love the fashion of the play yard. It is pale green and tan with a little white, and it has two very cute jungle animals for the baby to watch and play with while in the dream center. It has a jungle theme with little jungle babies on the front of the play yard, which is great for me since my nursery is in a jungle theme. The play yard’s appearance will work great for either a little boy or little girl.
When receiving the product, I could not wait to get it out of the box and put it together. As a teacher, I am one who has to follow directions, step by step, so manuals are by best friend. Reading the manual for the play yard was very useful, and I did not have to call upon my husband’s engineering skills to master the art of assembly. I am a very visual learner, so illustrations really help a girl like me when it comes to reading and following directions. The illustrations that came in the manual for the assembly of the play yard were very useful, and I will have to say this manual was very clear, useful and easy to understand.
The assembly that was required for the product did not take much time, even with my less-than-stellar assembly skills. I would say it took maybe 10 minutes at most! The play yard comes with a great travel case, and has a quick fold-and-go capability. (Note: The sleep station and changing station do need to be removed for storage.) Once folded and packed into the case, you’re ready for takeoff.
The deciding factor for the success of a play yard, of course, is whether baby likes it. Accommodating tops up to 30 pounds and boasting soft fabric and breathable mesh, I would say venture to say it gets two thumbs up from my little one. There is even a soothing station to help calm my her during those complicated diaper changes when all she wants to do is move, move, move.
With this InGenuity Washable Playard, there is room enough for baby to use the product during infancy and through his toddler years. As a mommy who loves to be outside, this product is perfect because while I am having my time under the ol’ shade tree, baby can play or snooze right alongside me and feel the fresh air blowing through his hair (or in this case, bald head). Then, when we are ready to come back in, the play yard can come right along with us.
Speaking of those babies who just move, move, move: The play yard is a good height for accessing baby from any standpoint. The removable tray on the side of the play yard also helps those of us who need three or four arms but cannot seem to locate them, and the pivoting changing table lets those diaper changes go quickly and can easily be moved out of the way of play.
I highly recommend this product to any new or veteran mom. The retail price is very reasonable for all of the features this wonderful product provides.
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