Ingenuity Smart & Quiet Portable Swing

By Published On: October 24th, 2012

Don’t let the word “portable” throw you. The Ingenuity Smart […]

Don’t let the word “portable” throw you. The Ingenuity Smart & Quiet Portable Swing is a sturdy, handy-to-have piece of gear. But instead of taking up a chunk of floor space in your house, it sits more unassumingly, stowing away with its Slimfold design.
ingenuity swingOne of my favorite features—which may seem small, but really isn’t—is that the overhead bar from which the dangling toys hang swivels out of the way. I love this feature, because with our older, bigger swing, we must have bonked our poor baby’s head 100 times getting him out. Having a clear shot in which to lower our new baby into the swing is a back saver, for sure.
Also, the swing isn’t called “Quiet” for nothing! I don’t know what’s behind Bright Start’s WhisperQuiet technology, but whatever it is, it works. Besides the faint click of the swing moving back and forth, it’s as quiet (or quieter!) than a mouse. Also appreciated is the 5-point harness. This actually allowed us to use the swing to its full weight limit (our baby LOVES to swing!) before retiring it, because we could really strap him in and not worry about him leaning out the sides once he got bigger.
You can choose between sounds or melodies, and luckily, the music is soothing and nice to have playing in the background, which is not always the case with baby electronics! The rate of swinging is nicely adjustable with the TrueSpeed Technology, and comes with a timer (30, 45 or 60 minutes).
All of this, plus super soft, easy-to-clean fabric and a great battery life makes this swing a real winner in my book, and I would recommend it to any new parent considering a swing for their baby.
Price: $80
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