Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper

By Published On: July 14th, 2016

My very first impression of the Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper […]

My very first impression of the Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper was, who wouldn’t want to sleep in this all day? Not only is the fabric incredibly soft, but this hammock-like sleeper also comes with really great features to encourage relaxation and help with sleep.

What you need to know ahead of time is this product does not rock on its own. It sits on curved rods that will sway back and forth for a while, but you will ultimately have to give it a push to maintain the rocking. Thankfully, where this product lacks in constant movement, it makes up for in the optional vibration setting on the side.

In addition to the vibration feature, the Moonlight Rocking Sleeper comes with music, light and sounds. There are five melodies and three nature sounds to choose from, and the sound has three volume settings as well. The nature sounds are very relaxing, and I have listened to something similar whenever trying to fall asleep.

What this rocker truly offers, as given away in the name, is the moonlight projector that creates a nighttime sky on your wall. To achieve the clarity of the pictures shown on the website, the sleeper needs to be fairly close to the wall, although the projection still works from afar. Also, the projector and sounds will cut off automatically after 25 minutes, which is great if you tend to forget things are on, like I do!

Set up for the product was relatively simple, and it took about 15 minutes to read through the manual. It requires a screwdriver and two different batteries (three AAA and one C/LR14, not included). I will admit I had to Google “C/LR14 batteries,” but rest assured they could be found pretty much anywhere. There aren’t too many parts, and each section simply snaps into place. I had trouble balancing the bottom rods and snapping the side pieces into position, but the rest of the set up was seamless. You will need the screwdriver to access the two separate battery holders for the projector and the vibration. One thing I will note is the mobile must slide into place to fasten securely to the side of the rocker. The fabric kept getting in the way, and I unfortunately ripped a few stitches on mine in the process—so watch out for that.

Aesthetic wise the product looks the same as what is shown online. The colors are very neutral and muted, and the palette is indicated on the side of the packaging for easy viewing. It comes with a hanging mobile toy, and this could easily be switched out with another one to switch things up.

In my opinion, the rocker is bigger than I expected, but this is mostly due to the bowing of the rocking rods at the base. However, it collapses into an easy-to-store unit by simply adjusting the lock setting on the sides. This is great for my minimal space issue, and the entire sleeper could easily fit in the trunk of your car.

My daughter LOVES this product! As a new mom, it has become a true lifesaver because she will sleep in it overnight for longer stretches than she will in her bassinet. It’s not a cure-all, but once she is content, the Moonlight Rocking Sleeper will keep her happy. She enjoys movement, so the vibration setting has been very helpful.

Although I typically use this product at night, it’s also great for naps. It’s so lightweight that I can easily transfer it from room to room while I am cleaning or eating (when possible!). The moonlight feature can be distracting sometimes at night, and during the day it’s not as easily seen. However, it does temporarily capture her attention from time to time, which buys me a few more minutes whenever she refrains from demanding to be picked up. In her short three weeks of life, we both have grown to love and appreciate her “lion” as we call it. Any mom knows a sleeping newborn is as good as gold, especially at night. We owe this product a big thank you!

As I hinted before, I would personally love to have the adult-sized version of this sleeper. Although I wish it rocked itself, I still find the price worth the investment. I won’t mind hearing the nature sounds play all day because they are truly relaxing! This product couldn’t be more of a winner in my book.

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By Lauren