Ingenuity InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller

By Published On: January 1st, 2015

As a busy first-time mom, I was very excited to give the Ingenuity InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller a try. I was initially drawn to its advertised versatility. This stroller is compatible with the Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat, which is all we need in a travel system. I thought the stroller looked very sharp upon initial review, and because it is compact, I couldn’t wait to see if it could do everything it advertised.
pTRU1-18632835enh-z6The user manual and assembly are sure to be appealing to even the most inexperienced users. The manual breaks down every function of the stroller with simple literature and step-by-step instructions accompanied with pictures. The stroller did require assembly, but it was fairly simple with efficient instructions. It only took my husband a few minutes to assemble (and there were no tools required!). He also liked that with each step through the assembly process, the pieces went together with an audible “snap,” so he knew that the stroller was secured correctly. It was nice to have an easy baby project after all the other more complicated pieces of equipment and furniture we had already put together.
After assembly, I was thoroughly impressed by how lightweight the stroller actually is. The aluminum frame makes it light but extremely sturdy. It folds with ease and is a piece of cake to maneuver. I love how I can store it anywhere without it taking up much space. It easily fits in the trunk of my small Toyota Yaris and is usually upright in the corner of my kitchen. The only thing I don’t care for is the unlocking feature on the left side of the seat when it is folded. There is an extra latch that is difficult to unlatch while releasing both sides to unfold. It is definitely a two-handed job, but the positive part of the latch is that it keeps the stroller very secure while folded.
The stroller is not only sleek looking but is very durable and easy to maneuver from pavement to gravel to grass. The swivel wheels are adjustable as well and made of a thick plastic. (Note: They do tend to get stuck on rocks and large pinecones when we walk the trails at our park.) The padded and adjustable handle is comfortable for my husband and I to push as we stroll along.
pTRU1-18632835_alternate2_enh-z6The wheels have a one-touch center brake for when you’re ready to pause. The brake works very well and is simple to tap with your foot. The black and silver color scheme makes the stroller gender neutral but also stylish for mom and dad to use. I appreciated this, as did my husband, who likes not having a “girly” stroller that he has to push. It will also be nice for a future son down the road.
Two of my top favorite qualities of this system are (1) its multi-view seat, so you and baby can face each other or your baby can face in the direction of your journey ahead, and (2) its full canopy with a window to view your little one.
The seat is removable, so you are able to just click in the car seat (sold separately) without having to fuss with removing your baby from a car seat. The seat has a convertible five- to three-point harness, an infant support system that can be removed and a multi-position recline to accommodate your baby up to 50 pounds.
The reclining feature of the seat allows your baby lay all the way back and to sit in different positions during your journey. Additionally, there is an adjustable leg rest that provides extra comfort for the baby. The seat looks very comfortable. Our little girl is at ease during our adventures. I really like that the seat offers an insert for younger babies that can be removed for when they get older.
The InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller keeps up with modern parents as it provides significant storage space. It even has a 2-foot by 1-foot storage basket underneath the seat, making it perfect for blankets and shopping bags—major mom points!
pTRU1-18632835_alternate3_enh-z6Also, it includes a parent tray with covered storage for storing your smart phone, music player, keys or other odds and ends. The compartment has a cord slot for headphones, which makes it easy to play some of your favorite tunes as your little one sleeps during the walk. I utilized this feature to meditate after a rough morning. The stroller has two built-in parent cup holders with inside grips for a snug fit. They are not too deep, so even my favorite mug, which has a handle, fits perfectly. The grips are perfect for keeping tall drinks, bottles, lidless cups and practically any other glass from spilling. However, for any spills and messes that may occur, a damp cloth is all that is needed to clean up.
All in all, I absolutely love this travel system. It helps busy families like mine cruise through the day with ease thanks to its multi-functionality. This stroller’s name has held true, as it is ideal for on-the-go parents and beneficial in several settings. Its sleek and lightweight design won’t slow you down. For all that this stroller has to offer, I definitely think it is worth the price.
Price: $199
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