Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat

By Published On: January 5th, 2015

When I first received the Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant […]

When I first received the Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro Infant Car Seat I was drawn to its style and comfy look. The seat is black and grey with white outlines and stitching. My eyes immediately found the four lime green buttons that adjust the handle, straps and unlock the seat from the car. The lime green is just enough to direct our late-night eyes to the buttons on the seat without coming across as too vibrant or gaudy.
The handle on the InTrust 35 Pro is brilliantly coated with a no-slip grip that helps us navigate to and from the car without the fear of compromising our newborn’s safety due to sweaty palms or hands slick with lotion. The seat is very comfortable to carry and only weighs around 15 pounds. It is compatible with the InVenture Pro Multi-Functional Stroller and accommodates babies from four pounds to 35 pounds.
pTRU1-18895624enh-z6When the car seat arrived, there was no assembly required. The seat was ready for action. The materials of the seat make it easy to clean. It is just what new parents need! The manual was easy to read and not only included step-by-step directions but also illustrations to clarify. This car seat only comes in one color, but the sleek black and grey look make it stylish for mom and dad as well as boy or girl baby. This versatility makes it something we can use again once we have another little one.
Picking the correct car seat was at the top of my husband’s and my “baby prep” list. Safety was our top priority, looking good on top of it is just a bonus. Luckily, we have not had to rely on the safety features yet, but they are plentiful on this model. The headrest provides extra cushioning for the baby’s head and is height-adjustable. It has been side impact tested. The harness is adjustable at each shoulder and between the legs. All three can be tightened or loosened with the pull of a cord that connects all three for a snug fit. The canopy on the car seat extends to shade the baby from the wind and sun. It also has a “peek-a-boo” window built into the canopy.
pTRU1-18895624_alternate3_dtIn addition to safety, we wanted to ensure our little one would be comfy. Being a first time mom, I didn’t know if my daughter would love or hate the car so making sure she was comfortable would at least help the transition. The inside of the seat is lined with two large pads—one for the baby’s head and one for the body. Each of the three straps have pads where they meet the baby’s skin or clothes to ensure extra comfort for the passenger. In addition to the pads, the seat has small “AirInfuse” vents on both sides to increase air circulation, keeping the seat comfortable for our newborn.
Our baby looks very content in the seat when we put her in it. When we’re headed out on a road trip, its immediate calming effect is a godsend.
Getting ready to leave the hospital was a very exciting time! We were ecstatic to get home and start our new lives with the baby. We had only forgotten one thing … installing the base for the car seat. My husband went out to our car to install the base and couldn’t find the directions. Luckily, it was no worry. The seat and the base have guides and warnings on them. In addition, the seat gives you peace of mind knowing that you installed it correctly because you hear an audible “click” when you connect the seat in place. The base has a leveling feature with an adjustment button to guarantee that the base is in the correct position for the seat. The base also has seatbelt guides and a latch connector for the car.
pTRU1-18895624_alternate1_dtThe seat and base are compact enough to fit in any vehicle. We own a Ford Fusion, and two adults can sit in the back with the car seat comfortably. It’s worth noting that disconnecting the seat from base takes some getting used to. You have to pull directly up on the back latch to release it from the base. If the car seat is tilted at all, it will not release. This safety feature does require a little extra attention on our end, but we’ve gotten the hang of it and are glad to know our precious cargo is absolutely secure in the seat.
All in all, I love this car seat. It is suitable for the whole family and fits our needs. It won’t go out of style, and it keeps our precious cargo safe and snug. The best part of this gear is that it can go from your car to the stroller with ease. As chaotic as life can be with little ones, it is nice to have something that helps make our day run smoothly!

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This product was provided to our parent reviewer courtesy of Kids II. All opinions and views expressed are the reviewer’s own.