Ingenuity InReach Mobile Lounger and Bouncer

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The Ingenuity InReach Mobile Lounger and Bouncer has been a lifesaver […]

The Ingenuity InReach Mobile Lounger and Bouncer has been a lifesaver for me and my little guy!

We were fortunate enough to have been given the 4moms mamaRoo as a shower gift, but my son absolutely hated it! Every time we would put him in it, he would scream and cry. He much rather preferred to be held or hanging out on a Boppy pillow. That is until I tried out the InReach lounger!

Assembling the product took about 30 minutes total and was pretty painless. However, the manual would have been slightly easier to understand had the pieces been labeled. Overall though this was a fairly easy project, and no major tools were required.

Once the lounger/bouncer was put together, I immediately noticed the height. What a great idea! Now instead of having to be practically on the ground (or close to it), my baby can be raised—giving him a better view of me and everything going on in the room. This has been especially helpful because my son is extremely alert all the time and likes to know what’s going on around him.

Placing him in the bouncer is extremely easy and reminds me of a car seat. It has two shoulder straps that connect to a single piece. There are strap covers and a headrest, all of which are extremely soft and comfortable for little ones. Speaking of comfort, when placing my baby into the seat it’s as though he’s resting on a plush pillow. He looks so comfy! And there’s plenty of room for him to stretch his legs out, too.

An adjustable canopy hangs overhead with two plush toys. This could be a great addition for some babes, but my son would honestly rather look around the room. Every baby is different!

You can also remove the bouncer from the stand and place it on the floor, where it functions like more of a traditional bouncer. My son loves being higher up, though, so we use it mostly with the stand—which, if I haven’t mentioned, has wheels! This makes it so easy to transport baby and his favorite seat around the house. (I can see this feature being a huge help to C-section mamas during the early weeks postpartum. No bending or straining, just an easy push.) My son also loves being rolled around from room to room. He smiles and laughs every time I pushed him in it!


The bouncer also comes with a few smart features, such as music and vibrations. The vibrating seat really seems to soothe him when he starts to get fussy. And any time he can listen to music he’s happy. So these are great features for us!

I’d say this is an overall great buy!

Price: $100

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