Ingenuity ChairMate High Chair

By Published On: September 7th, 2015

Upon opening the box for the Ingenuity ChairMate High Chair, […]

Upon opening the box for the Ingenuity ChairMate High Chair, I immediately smiled seeing there were only five parts to assemble. First things first, I pulled out the manual, which after the page of warnings, gives helpful and clear step-by-step assembly illustrations. Although the manual lists 11 parts and provides instructions to assemble each part, the box I received had the smaller parts already put together, such as the feet and bracket set already on the base and the booster chair straps, seat pad and harness already attached to the high chair seat.IngenuityHighChair1
Within five minutes, I had clicked in the right and left armrest assemblies to the base, attached the seat to the base and the backrest to the seat, strapped the chair to our dining room chair underneath and around the back, and (viola!) we were ready for our first meal! I sat my 6-month-old son in the seat, securely strapped him in and by the time I brought his food to the table, he was sound asleep … so the high chair must be comfortable!
When he woke up, we proceeded with the feeding, which went great—as have the many subsequent feedings we have had in this highchair. Our son seems very comfortable and content sitting in the high chair, and he doesn’t mind being strapped in. The chair back offers two settings: one very upright and one slightly reclined. The reclined position works best right now for our son who tends to want to lean forward when in the more upright position, making it a bit more difficult to get the spoon in his mouth. The chair also has four height adjustments, which are helpful for different times, such as when I am feeding him while facing him versus when we are eating a family meal and we can lower his chair so that he can slide in under the table and be a part of it.
The tray is very sturdy and well-designed, with a tall lip around the edge so that his puffs and/or toys don’t slide off easily, and has a detachable top layer for very easy cleaning. There are also two cup holders for his sippy cup or bottle and any other bowl or round item. Both parts of the tray can be put in the dishwasher, though I’ve found it quite simple to wipe clean after any spills or drips. Speaking of cleaning, the seat pad can be wiped clean or quickly removed and machine-washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Likewise, the plastic frame also offers low-maintenance cleaning and does not have cracks/crevices where crumbs can fall and get stuck.
We live in a relatively small condominium, so the compactness of this chair works out great for us. Its neutral color and seat pad also blend in well with our décor, and the lines of the chair are sleek and clean. In terms of longevity, by removing the seat pad and backrest and lowering the chair to the lowest setting, you can transition the chair into a toddler booster seat. It is rated for children who are able to sit up by themselves (suggested by around 6 months) and can be used by children weighing up to 50 pounds. Our son is on the bigger side (weighing 22 pounds at 6 months) and fits in the chair very well. However, with some room to grow, it might become a bit tight as he approaches 50 pounds.
This seat is designed to attach to a regular dining room chair, so it would work best for someone looking for a highchair to use in the home. While it is very light and mobile, it doesn’t fold, so it probably wouldn’t be the best choice to take to a restaurant.
At $60, I would definitely recommend this highchair to other families looking for a great value in a very functional, compact and stylish highchair. Baby can use it while being fed, participating in family meals and learning to feed himself.
Price: $60
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