Infantino Pop & Swap Gym

By Published On: December 31st, 2012

I am not even kidding when I say that the […]

I am not even kidding when I say that the moment I opened the Infantino Pop & Swap Gym, I was instantly transported back to my own childhood. It’s really every toy a baby could want all rolled into one! And from a mom’s standpoint, it’s highly versatile. The gym will easily take you from the newborn stage through the toddler years with ease while offering the appropriate options to use the product in conjunction with baby’s development. And assembly was a breeze. You just pop the gym out, attach the legs and interchangeable toys and you’re ready to play all day. It even comes with batteries so there’s no need to run out to the store before you can set it up. (A real time-saver for my family!) Plus, it’s so cute that I don’t mind if it hangs out in my living room all day. And if we do have guests come over, it is so lightweight and easy to move from room to room. I take it with me all the time into the kitchen, so my little guy can play while I do the dishes. It’s truly fantastic!
infantinoHere’s a rundown of the cute features you get with the product:
Toy “pods”: A variety of squishy, crinkly and smiley toys that come ready to hang down to entertain baby. Everything is soft and age-appropriate with no small pieces or long strings. Infantino also sells a wide assortment so you can mix and match if baby seems uninterested or to use as a nice change of pace.
Pictures: The play center comes with pictures that are black and white with an array of fun patterns to stimulate baby’s eyes in the early months. When baby gets a little bigger, you simply flip them over to display a colorful little animal for them to explore. My son especially liked figuring out how to pop the cutout out of its circle hole. He does that over and over and has a blast.
Sound features: If the toys and pictures weren’t enough, the center also comes with volume adjustable tunes that can play at a soft or loud level . There’s even a control switch to turn the option off if you just want baby to play without the lights and sounds.
The most important part about the Infantino Pop & Swap Gym is it’s functionality. The gym can actually be used in four different positions. You can detach and hang on the side of baby’s crib, lay in the floor for a fun tummy time aid, turn over baby for on-the-back play, or let baby sit up at his own tiny command center. These options have been fantastic for my son throughout his development.
If you want a toy that lasts through developmental stages and through siblings, you’ll definitely want to try the Infantino Pop & Swap Gym from the Pop & Swap Collection. It’s even set at a great price point and the design is terrific. It’s a real winner.
Price: $50
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