If parenting came with a paycheck

By Published On: July 30th, 2012

Consider how you’d be compensated for your daily childrearing duties […]

Consider how you’d be compensated for your daily childrearing duties if each one were a salaried job. (Looks like a hefty raise and some heartfelt recognition are in order!)
You make three square meals a day, catered specifically to the peanut allergies and no-crust preferences of everyone at the table. For keeping your family’s bellies filled, you deserve to be paid like an executive chef, who earns an average of $41,024 to $67,699.
Dusting, mopping, vacuuming and continually cleaning up after everyone else? Your daily housekeeping duties amount to a total of $18,217 to $30,745 annually.
Who knew someone so tiny could dirty so many duds? As a laundry manager, you should make $27,213 to $45,655 for all the clothes you wash, dry, fold and iron.
If you’re a stay-at-home mom, consider your daytime hours to be similar to a nanny or au pair, who generally receives $20,251 to $31,284 each year.
Do you oversee art projects, read storybooks, and teach your tot the alphabet? Add private tutor expenses to your income, which amount to $21,629 to $49,641.
You traded in your sports car for a soccer mom van in order to shuttle your kiddos to and from the pediatrician, preschool and playdates. For your services as a chauffeur, up your compensation $26,170 to $35,140 yearly.
You shop for, dress and style your little ones, and you keep the fridge stocked with their favorite after school snacks. As a personal shopper, you’d typically take home $24,882 to $52,318.
And finally, for the dirty work of wiping noses, taking temperatures, and kissing boo-boos, increase your wages
by another $46,641 to $66,868 for your role as nurse of your household.
Take it up with the HR department, you should be raking in up to… $379,350!