By Published On: May 20th, 2013

I did something yesterday that I swore I would never […]

IMG_1205I did something yesterday that I swore I would never do.  I bought one of those toys that lets you put your iPhone in it and give to your baby. This cuddly, purple, singing monkey will allow me to lock my phone into place so that I can hand it off to my small child to play with.
I used to see parents who did that and think they were crazy. Why on earth would you encourage your kids use of such an expensive, breakable (and beloved) object? Not to mention one that belongs to you. I’m kind of in love with my iPhone, and, well, it’s mine! I guess I should have realized, just as it makes everything else so much easier, it can make keeping baby happy easier too.
I am still determined not to hand over my phone every time Isaac whimpers. I don’t want him to become one of those kids with his nose stuck in a device at all times. There is too much in real life to experience and enjoy. But I’ve already had some times where he’s tired and stuck in a car seat (and I’m trying to get home) and throwing a fit, and I turn on a Baby Einstein video on the phone, and he is instantly content. I bought this monkey for just those instances. Plus, it has all kinds of interactive learning apps that go with it. We’re planning a road trip at the end of summer, and I have a feeling that monkey will come in handy.
Besides, he loves it! He doesn’t even know the iPhone can go in there yet, but he has enjoyed the singing and staring lovingly into it’s eyes. It’s the cutest thing when he gives the monkey kisses.
I no doubt will get tired of the songs it sings, and I’m sure I’ll miss my phone when he’s using it, but if it keeps him happy, I’ll deal.