How will you remember baby's special moments?

By Published On: August 1st, 2011

Written by: Mindy August 01 2011 Since babies do super-cute […]

Written by: Mindy

Since babies do super-cute and wholly phenomenal things every day, it’s only natural to want to capture that moment in time.

Most of us take pictures to help us remember everything. Thanks to the advent of digital cameras, most of us take hundreds of pictures. (I’m certainly guilty of that one!)

What else do you do to make sure no moment is forgotten?

My mother used to write in calendars. Every year, she’d buy a month-by-month wall calendar for each of her kids. Then every night before she went to bed, she’d write down anything eventful or monumental we did that day.

It was a pretty clever method, since the date is built in to the entry. Plus, you’re limited to only what fits in the little box assigned to each day — so if you tend to be wordy (ahem), you’re forced to pick and choose your memorable moments.

When Caden was born, I decided not to go that route — mostly because my mother did it and I doggedly wanted to do my own thing. (Now I realize that was silly.)

Instead, I started recording things via email. Every time Caden or Chloe do something that I know I’ll want to remember, I hammer out a short email about the details and then send it to a separate email account I have.

Advantages are that the date stamp is built in, all my notes are stored neatly together, and they’re automatically backed up thanks to my email client. This means I’m not at risk for losing them (like I do most things these days.)

I have it in my head that someday I’ll go through and enter the most memorable moments in a journal or scrapbook for my kids. Maybe then I’ll even take the time to fill out a real memory book, like they make for baby moments like these.

What do you think — good idea? What would you suggest instead?